Sparse Attendance at a Boring Basant

The tremendous crowd and the huge number of stalls predominant at any Basant Mela were sorely missedd at the TISF’s Basant Mela and Valentine’s Day on Friday the 13th. The number of food stalls, kite variety, music arrangement were all very exciting. Everywhere you saw people were singing and dancing and having a jolly good time. Love as also in the air with Valentine’s Day being celebrated at the same time.

Congratulations are due to the TISF for beginning exciting activities from the first week of the semester.

The activites of the day were followed by a live concert and a film, “Munna Bhai MBBS in accordance with Valentine’s Day. Anyone who missed these events was deprived of major quality entertainment.

A more serious issue is how to make future events more livelier and successful. It is very easy to blame the TISF for every little thing that goes wrong. But all of us should be taking some sort of responsibility. For instance, the number of people who attended the event was appalling. There was absolutely no contribution by any of the students either. Please do send in your suggestions for the future.

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  1. exectly. the credit goes to TISF but yar there was not much participents as compare to the arrangements and the second thing the date for the valentine day was not right. u must have heared the adnan and nabeel logoun ka stall was a poor one wher the sale wes next to no (i mean they counld not sell much of their flowers and the cards) so TISF should concider it that the day and the date for any programme should be inaccordance to the schduleded date and day… i mean the valentine day should be celebrated at 14 th the feb(saturday)….. hope next time they will consider it… the second occasion the basant was the nice one… up to me i enjoyed it lot… yar why not we arrange the next basant at night. in the moon light. consider it also…

  2. raaaket gee u surely have missed Basant in here (LHR) this time it was like uffffff aant!!!!
    hope to see u here after ur graduations , 2 years from now on 😉

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