Straight from the Interview Desk

Here’s what Muhammad Ali, Textile Science graduate 2006 has to say regarding his interview experiences.

At Orient I was asked questions regarding WTO, ISO as well technical aspects of weaving.

Mr. Ubaid of Lucky Textiles asked me enough chemistry to make my head spin, from the names of chromophoric classes of dyes to the degree of polymerization of cotton and polyester. Those who’re looking for jobs, especially in production should be well prepared for their interviews.

Siddiqsons also asked techical questions related to weaving.

Textile mills are looking for long term employees rather than those that tend to change their job every 6 months.

People should look into doing their theses on denim. Look for topics that relate to the industry and also major reports should be on industry related topics.

Others are welcome to add their industry related experiences to this post in the form of comments.

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  1. Recently I posted a Job vacancy on Orkut as well as sent it on TIAF google account so that those who feel they have it in them can apply and be the chosen ones! I am rather embarrased and shocked too, to find out the results of the ventures the fresh Texperts had taken on the interview table for the vacancy. Thsi is a little summary

    The job was of a merchandiser who is to be Lahore based cuz the job was available in the home textile unit at lahore of a very famous group.

    One of the students from TMM4 went for the interview. WHen he was asked, why he is still jobless for two months after graduation, he replied, “sir apply ker raha hun her jagah..ab job nahi milti to kiya karoon! (GOddd)

    Later he said, sir mera dost bhi interested hai job main ..kiya main uss ko bhej doon?

    The 2nd guy to give the interview was even a greater champ! he had done his final thesis in wet processing with a GPA of 2.9. when he was asked what is the fabric route for processing ..he replied..first we do desiging and then singeing takes place!!!!!(????) and then..he kinda got confused and said..soryy sir..i dont know!

    when asked why singeing takes place..he reduce patchy dyeing..I know sir..but i cant explain..sorrry again!

    he was asked how can he get a 2.9 GPA at this situation ..he was then asked what was his intermediate score he said , sir 795 out of 850 and when inquired what percentage would uit make..he held the calculator in his hands and then kept it back saying..sorry Sir!

    The guy was given a healthy lecture..that interviewers expected a repo of TIP and they had recently hired a SAFDAC graduate and TIP graduates are no where near to SAFDAC one..let alone NTU faisalabad..

    The orgainzation’s GM then called me and a quiet big dosage was given to myself too on letting such kids come for the interviews.

    Who stands responsible for such pethatic knowledge of students who have studied or atleast they say they have studied textiles for 4 years!!!! I am shocked..terribly embarassed..and i request the TIP mngmnt to atleast train the students so that they know how to face such situations confidently!

    Kashif Abbasi

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