Students at TIP: The Jackal and the Lambs

TIP is an institute where you will find students from all parts of Pakistan. These students make up a very unique culture which is rarely found in other universities. These different breeds of students have varied characteristics. The three prominent characteristics are

# the Burgers,
# the Jatts, and
# the Bun Kababs.

Although they are less in number than the other normal students, they still manage to be in the limelight. Apart from these three, there are many other breeds of students as well, such as

# the Khalifaas,
# the Chatnees, and
# the Maylaas.

We all know very well about these six breeds and there is no need to define them further and waste your precious time. You can always contact your seniors if you want more information about them.

Introducing a new breed, the ‘Silent Jackals’

Actually, I want to introduce you to a hidden breed of students found at TIP, the The Silent Jackals” . Although they are so few in number that one can count them on one’s finger tips, they happen to be the most deadly.

They are found in all kinds of groups, even mixed up in the other breeds of students and sometimes seen wrangling in pairs. You never know what they are up to until their work is done. They are very good brain washers and quite capable of changing your way of thinking. They are generally slow starters and wait for the right chances and opportunities upon their prey: quietly observing, sharply aiming at their goal and when the time comes they explode with a great big bang out of nowhere. They are the real culprits behind all the mishaps.

Now you might be thinking what their aims are and why they do all this. It could be anything, fame, fortune, reputation, GPA, PR and or the up coming TISF elections. In short they want to be in control of everybody and everything around them without letting anyone know that they are the backstage players. Their mind starts working from where others stop. They are the real policy makers among the students. The so called “khalifaas” are just the pawns in their game, and no doubt the Jackals are good chess players of a different board, the real board. You will never know when they use your shoulder to fire at someone else.

Be aware you could be their next prey. They could be sitting beside you right now. Maybe they’re your good friend. Yes your very own friend, who is so nice to you and helps you with your troubles. Have you ever tried to know why? Remember he is the jackal, the one who stabs you in the back.

By now many of you would have realized who they are and what are they up to and those of you who haven’t, well don’t bother to use your knee, oh pardon me, I mean your head, you are definitely not one of them.

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  1. Nice topic masood , but who that jackal might be …secondly its hard for people like me(u know) to decide in which breed(as u call them) they fall.:)

  2. good articles but yar u missed some thong AND io will not mention that bec all of us know about them … hope all have understood… mean TC people(masood wrote about them but a little)…their aim is just followe the teacher as soon as the papper is over and to get good grades . some of them are soo000 good in their art that some time teachers follow them like MR… no no u know (with precticle elaboration at the Campus)

  3. farhan(1st year sciences) u fall in the category of mummy-dady .thanx God ur not like the farhan mayla (texpet).

  4. hmm i guess jackal didnt recognize me… i am faran iqbal of 2nd year(sciences) .secondly i dont fall in mummy daddy ….. may be he doesnt know about “The Cheetas”.

  5. hmm i guess jackal didnt recognise me i am faran iqbal of 2nd year(sciences) , secondly i dont fall in mummy daddy , may be he doest know about “The Cheetas”.

  6. hmm i guess jackal didnt recognise me i am faran iqbal of 2nd year(sciences), secondly i do not fall in mummy daddy .. may be he doesnt knows about “The Cheetas”.

  7. I heard there was a blast at the fuel station of defence fase 5..Hilal Afridi lived there..and so did Rorain and Nida of 2nd yr..I hope they all are fine!!

  8. does anybody know where the ever great FARHAN maelaaaa ….. is wokrin’ … havnt heard hm since long

  9. Kashif!!!!

    nida, hilal and who ever is alright…!!!

    however its amazing to know that you care sooo much about them that you forgot about your friends in ya batch who live more close to that petrol station. what about Ashfaq, Saquib and Mian Saquib….then if we are talking about nida who lives in clifton…!!!:I then what about Rahil man he could also get hurt from the blast and turn normal for once in his life. But seriously kashif….we still do care about you dude…!!!

    Just to remind you that they’re ok too….!!!..

    oh yeh so is afsheen, mohib and so it iqra….suprisingly you didn’t ask about them….coz there’re not far from that locality…and so is Naeem who usually roams over there…..

  10. Just so you know, my home is 0.7 km from the Bahria Shell Petrol Pump. The blast was powerful enough to blow out a couple of windows at a neighbour’s house. The cause of the blast is apparently being hidden, with it being both impossible for free-floating natural gas to bring down a store, and for people to be inside the shop when it was so full of gas. It seems that the papers are also not telling that three people died in that accident. I knew the people there, the shop keepers, the station attendents, the tire puncture wala, the service wala, and I can only hope they are ok.

  11. Owais..kabhi defence clifto main raha ho tujhay kuch maloom bhi ho..your a PECHS chap so you can comment better if there eud be a blast at awami markaz..ashfaq and saquib reside at fase 7. while hilal’s home is right behind at khayabane seher..and nida and norain..well the keve in the lane that lies in front of the pump..when i used to go in the clifton point..i always saw them getting off the buss there ..thaz y i asked..yes i do care about them..i like caring about all…didnt ask about raheel and ashfaq and saquib..cuz i called them up..didnt ask abt afsheen..cuz i know..she doesnt even go there..and Naeem..dont tell me where he roams and where he doesnt..he is my school mate..jab tu moo main angutha le ker ghoomta tha se i know the gathering he roams in….baaqi..i like yr comments..make me feel relaxed after my hectic job!!

    doatch out for a boom at awami markaz. phir tera bhi naam quack ki comments main daal doonga!

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