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dddd STUDENT’S BLOG is a quarterly student-operated educational, arts and entertainment publication. Students from many disciplines forms the ‘S BLOG’ family and does all of the reporting, writing, editing, illustration, photography, layout and business management for the magazine. We gather their thoughts, passions and ideas which they may not speak out otherwise because of the fear of being too different!

The Publication Concept is to create a student-run magazine that brings discussion of various issues, excitements, and campus awareness throughout the city. At the heart of it, the publication aims to develop the sense of community and education awareness.

Now; Textile Institute of Pakistan is also a part of Student’s Blog Family. Get connected with students of different universities of Pakistan. Grab Your own copy free of cost.

Limited copies available!

Imran Iqbal (Representing- TIP for Sblog)

4 Replies to “Student’s Blog”

  1. You should post the link within the article itself.

    BTW, they’ve written TIP incorrectly on their website.

  2. thankyou for pointing it out
    i have already asked the editor to correct the name
    of my university.the name will be correct soon

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