Students turn to Quran for help

During the recent TISF elections, some students turned to the Quran to help them get their chosen candidates elected. This particular group of students, all from the senior classes, had one student swear upon the tawees that he will vote for their candidate. Another student was being forced to swear upon the lohae quran, but he somehow managed to avoid being taken in. Both students are hostel residents.

The group wielding the Quran initially denied the occurrence, but let it slip during a situation right after the TISF elections. The next day the situation escalated into a near fight, with the group threatening physical harm to the freshmen involved. However, when the truth of the situation came to light, everyone said ‘let bygones be bygones.’

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  1. oh my god u are still crying .ooooooooooooooooo. chalo koi baat nahi chup hojaye gaa, bacha hai naa.
    angoor khatay hain naa abid.

  2. yaar abid tum “loohe quran” kay bare main kia jante hoo aur nahi jante hoo too likh kyon rahe hoo….agar kisi kay kahney par ye sub kuch likh rahe hoo too ye tumhe suit nahi karta….apna dimagh laraoo…..aur tum jin ko target bana rahe hoo too woo sahi nahi hai …. aur jin fresh man ki baat kaar rahe hoo to iss ki statement koo iss kay apne class kay larke nay denoy kia tha…..allah tumhe toofiq day…amin

  3. Abid ma bhi ak hostel resident hon. or asi koi khani nahi hui. or wasa bhi SHEERY deserve to kerta tha. Ali ka khana per to Imran elections ma khara hua tha. wasa Imran was being used by Ali. Imran is a good guy. I Know him more than you. but That group is not what we lkie. or in ki dostain na kia kiya vote ka liya sab janta han. inhon na to ghuk ghuk ka dekhai or vote manga . “yaar tumha to pata ha Carnival ka stage kis na banwaya tha or hum na to kasi ko mana nahi kiya ka wo hamara sath kam na keranin. hum to sab ko sath la ker chalna chata han”. acha chalo ya batioo ka Ali elections se phala kis se baat kerta tha. or chalo baat kerni shuru bhi ker di thi to Elections ka bad phir se wohi attitude.NO ONE LIKES THEM. u no..

  4. yaar ap jo bhi ho plz in baaton se guraz kerya
    ka duypata wali khani mention nahi ker ni chayia thi.

  5. Before this conversation heads further in the wrong direction, I’d like to add that this article is merely reporting the news. This is not about the election campaign, Shehryar Aslam Khan or Ali Raza Merchant. This is not about ‘targeting’ anyone. This is not to be an issue to fight about. This is about students turning to the Quran for help.

    And yes, Sherry won the election because he _is_ the better man. I appreciate that, so lets not talk about those who lost.

  6. Abid for reporting a news it is necesary to have correct knowledge about wat had happened .U simply dont know wat happened.U were not even present at the spot and u reported only to support your new group member,a newfeshmen .Thats simply not fair.According to u it is an open forum and u should narrate truth and only truth.This was a serious issue and u should not put it on quack like this.Dissappoinment!

  7. Abid, such articles really do not suit quack and above all from a person like you. its better that yo u del it cuz it can do nothing except for adding fuel to the fire and making people think about you as biased which i never found any time, any day.



  8. HI ao are u confirmed about this repor????
    i think it’s not fair with any one to be accuse with any charge without any proof.
    second thing i am also a hostelite and i did not hear about such activity… i dont know about this when i am living in the same house where all the acitivities happen under my nose… then how u can say about this juxt sitting far away and having noknowlegede…. third such article will result in nothing rather than the creating a misconceptionand misunderstandings among studnet either the hostelite or the city boys……………………………………………………………….. we have to think about such things which result in -Ve ………… then if such actvities are happing why not we try to stop them rather then saying that THIS IS HAPPING. THAT HAPPENED OR THIS/THAT WILL HAPPEN.>>>>>>>>>> think on it

  9. hey, why dont we guys have a meeting about it…and just clear out the misunderstanding…

    waisey bhi, the tisf has loads of time to spare on fridays, so all the students can gather up in the auditorium…and then we can resolve the issue…tafri bhi hojaeen gi…(i m sure taht if the tisf takes an initiative, this event will be their very first blockbuster :P)…

    i m jus sayin this so taht we can resolve this hot issue and every1 can study in peace and harmony…

  10. Abid you have made all of us disappointed. Plz DonT dO thiS EveR Again… N donT write anyThing about Whichyou DonT know…

  11. Abid you have made all of us disappointed. Plz DonT dO thiS EveR Again… N donT write anyThing about Whichyou DonT know…
    N I donT KnoW who this Hostel Resident is… he Should not havewriten like thiS. If Abid Made a mistake n he learnt from that then he is wise but you the Hostel Resident just did what Dogs do…

  12. What an article …. I appreciate it Abid …. We are here to reveal truth. By the way, I was expecting such kinda thing from some hostel residents, even more than that. Just for the sake of a post, they can cross any limit.

  13. Abid…yaar check the comment named by ALEE KAZMEE…it wasnt me ….check it plz ….n who ever it is …i have no personal war going on with any of TIPIAN …so plz forGod sake stop these fake comments…

  14. Lying doesn’t change facts. There is absolutely no ambiguity about whatever Abid’s written. These incidents did take place.

    There’s just one confusion I want to clarify. Just because this incident happened in the hostel, it doesn’t mean that the permanent hostel residents were involved. According to tradition there were a number of day scholars staying in the hostel the night before the elections and a number of them were involved in initiating this.

    It’s not fair on the hostelites to assume that whatever happened in the hostel, on that night, was just their fault.

  15. my comment reffers to “this is me then”…. y dont u reveal your name coz it will help the others to know who u r n the ppl who got affected or offended by this Quran thing can know you and talk to you

  16. hello saad,

    well..instead of knowin me and talkin to me, and clearin the things fer me as to who is right and who is not…y dont u guys clear it out to the whole university…

    probably, u guys can write an article, or as i said before, resolve the issue in the audi…

    we tipians, know one side of the story…ur article will tell us the other side and hence, we’ll know as to who is true and who is not…

    uptil now, nobody from your group(referrin to the 3rd yr sciences) have commented on this very hot issue..i need to knoe y?

    infact the whole tip needs to know why?

    lookin forward to ur reply and especailly, ur article… đŸ˜›

    lova ya

  17. I’m in third year science (TS3A) and anything you might want clarified is already written in the article. There is no ambiguity and no issue to be resolved. All aspects of the story are covered fairly objectively.

  18. hey abid,

    this question is purely raised for the people of 3rd year who were supporting our president…its been 3 days and they are still quite..

    if they are not answerin to my queries, it means that this very thing happened…no questions about it..

    it seems like they are guilty…i think that some action should be taken against them

  19. i agree with abid n lemme make this clear tht i’m not a student of the sciences, but am a student of TMM-3 who was 1 of the active supporter of Imran Ghani Khan.

  20. to the hostel president,
    tum to apna moon band rakhoo to aacha hai tum ko to humare hostel rahne per itraz hai or tum ali ki attitude ki baat karte hoo wo tum sab se lakh darjai acha hai. or Imran ali kai khene per nahin balkai poori class ki marzi se khara hoa tha and quack is not the place 4 fighting its u ppl u make it fighting place.

  21. hey saad,

    i misunderstood…i thought taht it was the SAAd of SciEnceS…lekin neway, this is fer every1 who supported sherry which includes me…

    i made a mistake…a very big mistake…

  22. mr abid our elders say that little knowledge always harmfull and dangerous if u donot know so not give your own opinion

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