TDT-1, ‘The DesigNer’S Team!!! having Komal, Javeria, Farah, Fakiha, Hina, Sidra, Mehak, Kiran, Naila, under the brilliant captaincy of Komal.

TDT-3, ‘The BEsT Team!!!’ having Ammara, Nazish, Nazia, Wajiha, Uneza, Aisha, Zarah, Noor & Farheen, under the captaincy of Ammara.

The match between ‘The DesigNer’S Team!!!’ and ‘The BesT Team!!!’ as per the schedule was to be held on Wednesday, the 3rd of March 2004 and the match between ‘The Designer’s Team’ and ‘Management Team’ was to be held on Friday February 27, 2004. But the players of TMM ‘The Management Team’ were not ready’ The reason behind is that during practice Abia’s finger got injured, Iqra had to go somewhere, so she left and Nimra was πŸ™ not feeling well’ So, due to such reasons finally the match held on Friday between The designer’s Team and The Best Team under the empire, Tazeen TDT-4 ‘
The 1st match hardly took 5 minutes because the service of KomaL the best πŸ˜‰ from TDT-1 ‘ and Designer’s team won’ they got all the 7 points and Best Team got 0 points. The 2nd match took only 8-10 minutes and the service was of the best team. Again the designer’s team won and got all 7 points but unfortunately the best team got 0 points again.


TDT-1, ‘The DesigNer’S Team!!!’ having Komal, Farah, Fakiha, Hina, Sidra, Mehak, Kiran, Naila & Javeria, under the brilliant captaincy of Komal.

TMM, ‘The Management Team!!!’ having Sana Kamal, Sana Khalid, Sana Kazmi, Zarah, Nida, Fiza, Amber, Uneza & Abia, under the Captaincy of Nida.

Well well well’ The match didn’t take place on Wednesday March 03, 2004 because once again the members of The Management Team were not ready!!! Then it was scheduled on Friday March 05, 2004 and again it was canceled because of the movie (Kal Ho Na Ho!), which was arranged by Mr. Abdul Saboor (The President of TISF)!!! It seems that it was a lingering throw ball tournament hehehe πŸ™‚ But then finally the day came and both teams were in the ground on Tuesday March 09, 2004 to play a match, which was going to be of high interest!!! Under the empire, Marriam from second year sciences.

UfF!!! The match was very tough in the beginning’ In set 1, The Designer’s Team was almost losing but they kept up their high sprits and they got 16 points and The Management Team got 12 points.

Finally in the set 2, The Designer’s Team (TDT-1) got through the match and scored 16 point while The Management Team got 8 points’ Designers Team (TDT-1) WON!!!! YEsssss!!!! Because the whole TIP knows that TDT-1 is the BesT!!! And we can do anything we want!!!

I wish TDT-1 to always keep up the high sprits and I hope the sports committee will arrange more sports especially for the girls… So we can maintain our health πŸ˜‰ As someone said, ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! And I just want to cognates TDT-1 again and wish them Good luck for the future!!! In short I should say “TDT-1 ROCKS!!!”

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  1. well, all supports for u ammara ….keep up the tradition ….hostel kept winning the volley ball since last 5 years …….. so dont lose it this time either !!!!! buck up fo ru guys !!!!ooops i ment gals πŸ˜‰

  2. Dear TIPians. very happy to see my juniors concerned about me and asking if the rumor is correct that i have left my job in lahore and returned to khi in a new place..among new people..NO!! I am still in lahore..perfectly healthy…happy and enjoying every bit of my job in the Sapphire group of industries and working for the juniors so that they get accomodated in the grp too..

    just to say one thing “People Talk shit about you when yr gone..cuz they fear you in the physical form” so stop thinking and talking abt matters that are over and dead think abt wats coming NEXT!

    Take Crz

  3. abbasi bahi we are not at all worried or not even concern …. we do not care…
    Take care
    JUNIORS who do not care only for Kashif Jamil Abbasi ….

  4. ach ach πŸ™ kashi now plp ‘ve startin knowing u naaaa πŸ˜‰ ya guys he isnt any where ….he is still in LHR πŸ™

  5. πŸ™‚ the comment…!! likes the way you are so clear abt every thing..Usman in reading: Luv ya pal!!!!

  6. good one rabeela looks like u r learning to write…but remember one thing KEEP WRITING there is still room for improvement this one is better then ur last one don’t stop writing. looking forward to more of ur articles. hope they will come soon. πŸ™‚ 4 ponts for this article … thumbs up!!!.

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