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Now that the ragging hype’s over what are we bubbly ‘children’ supposed to do sitting miles away from population. Hmmm, ‘eureka’ since there aren’t many people you can actually ‘check out’ over here, what other option do we have than to ‘contemplate’ (Hint hint: ‘Meditate, cerebrate, cogitate, ruminate) over our teachers. (With all due respect to them all)

So what makes the teachers of TIP ‘oh so different’. Names aside where else do teachers make ‘pairs of three’ (for correct pronunciation ask any guy from first year). I’m sure Mr. B.D.Saleem would get a heartache if he found out that a particular teacher of ours was busy undoing all the good Sir B.D’s done for us through Eng101.

Forget not being able to understand why the chicken crossed, if you don’t get why data ‘are’ collected and not ‘is’ collected, don’t bother asking because quote unquote, ‘There is no WHY in English.’

Next in line is, ‘aap batein kar rahein hein!..  aap class sey bahir nikal jaein!’. ‘Aap so rahein hein, ro rahein hein…. (keep guessing) ‘Aap class sey bahir nikal jaein!!’

And I’d personally not want to include this one since I really don’t want to torture anyone’s taste buds in the midst of Ramadan but, ‘What’s your (Microsoft windows) flavour?’ It doesn’t get freakier than this does it?!

One would love to disagree with the fact that first impressions don’t last, but one doesn’t seem to have much of a choice here. Once you’re a C-grade student, forget endeavouring hard and getting a better grade, forget the fact that it’s never too late to mend. Whether you think you’re going to get a B, or whether everyone knows you should get an A, don’t burden your fastly fading grey cells because you KNOW you’ll get a C.

In conclusion all I’d like to say is, ‘Nike just do it’ and ‘TIP just IS-screw it.’

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  1. Sidrah Nadeem has let of some long held flatulence in her two articles. I’d imagine there to be strong reaction from everyone at TIP. Before anyone starts bad mouthing, I’d like to say that any response should note that hers’ is a strongly worded opinion, and comments should discuss the subject matter of the articles which are serious issues we need to look into.

  2. Oh sidrah U are so right!!! but don’t U think that U have gone a little far with this imitation of these teachers! I mean like come on they don’t imitate U in front of their collegues ,so Y do U???!!! I myself hate his accent , but u don’t see me imitating Him!! He is not as bad as u call him because It’s not he who has a problem in teaching U guys, It’s U guys who don’t want to study!! And I seem to remember Overhearing U guys chatting with your group in Cafeteria and telling them that He is so swwweeeeeeeet!! So what happened to U now!! No Offence!!!

    U know U would really Understand what he’s teaching U If U really stay quite in the class and pay attention to what he is saying!!! I know that he talks really fast and Funy and everything but it’s not that much that U can’t make out what he is saying!!! and I also know that U feel really annoyed and irritated when he talks in that accent but If U try to pay attention more to what he is saying and less to his accent may be then u will understand that he is not as bad as U think!!! so try it !!

    No offence from here, so I Hope none will be taken!!! and as it comes to Mr. Hi Fi With “No Y in English” (lol) he is your fathers age. I don’t know how U can live with Yourself after imitating him!! U know , he really likes U guys i.e. Fakeha, Farrah and U “Miss Sidrah Nadeem”. I know that there are some contradictions b/w his rules and our rules of English grammer. there are times when I myself don’t agree with him and there are times when he deducts my marks due to these contradictions and I get pissed off but I don’t say a word against him because he is right according to the rules of FORMAL English (Used in Britain ,England)!!!And the english we speak is known as CASUAL English which is Used in America.

    U know U would understand what I’m saying if U just Force yourself a little bit to see from my point of View!! I know it’s not Your fault because most of the people in this world judge others by their faces and not by their hearts!!

    So Y don’t U give it a try, huh? I am sure if U have even a little bit of their due respect left in your heart then U’ll come across a totally opposite Conclusion!!!!

    What about U Abid Omar?!! don’t U think I’m right??!! U guys are Sensible, and I know that U’ll change your attitude a little bit towards them.

    But remember that they are not all good , they all do have some glitches in them!!

    Again I say No Offence from here , so I hope none would be taken!!! (I’m not Your enemy But a Hidden Friend of all in TIP)

  3. hello …………GROW UP Sid rah girl and accept the fact that life’s not fair everyone won’t be going accordingly to your ways and norms in life that includes the rules of English as well……and I don’t have a clue why your making a joke out of BD sahabs accent is going to improve anything you could have taken a healthier approach ……and now u would say that BD sahab has a bias attitude towards you tu after reading what you have written about him any one would .I know sometimes it is like really frustrating sitting in his class and trying to understand the rules lekin believe me there will be plenty of other courses in which u will have the same feeling and I’ll tell you the accent has got nothing to do with it ……………and rather then crying over your grade deal with it

  4. you might all say that we need to concentrate in the computer class..yes we do..but hello fifteen people flunking in the first hourly out of 23 in TDT 1 isnt a joke…can so many be wrong?….why not ask the teacher to pace himself a bit for the convenience of many and not vice versa? common sense….he IS too fast…doesnt like to repeat and we cant all be experts at MS word or for the matter any other program after a futile fast forwarded 6-8 classes and then answer with confidence questions of what is and isnt possible in a program. serious action is required..we cant continuue like this…and dont just target sidrah just because she actually had the guts to say it out and it wasnt even that bad. yes she said he was sweet…he is and we dont disagree that he is a computer whiz or whatever….the complaint that we have is that he isnt able to teach properly and impart all those skills….that doesnt have any thing with his being sweet mr or ms xan!!! personality isnt the issue here!!

  5. “Reading the article, i was really astonished about ragging mania she qouted in the aricle, but i havent seen PeoplES sittin or frightened from senoirs is n’t this, but if somebody not doing or puting a hectic effortin his subject what the interuption subjected to MR B.D. well the writer is really helpful because she is sick of english as i m because the attitude comes first, U shoud have Legendary character and creative mind thats the criteria in which the Tutor should be selected,
    so what ever ur brain(not heart, its pumpER) want to like u should do so jaise chahi jiyo.”

  6. hMm……before i do another write up i’d like to put some stuff to ‘Xan’s’ notice…….
    starting off with the computer teacher, i do think he’s a sweetheart although i didn’t agree with him giving my name in to the disciplinary committee and publicizing me in front of all the first years…..because this is the last place i want to ‘stand out’. Take your example, i don’t know you, you seriously don’t know me, and here you are assuming what’s in my mind, like that really helps.
    Thank God i have a wonderful set of friends to tell me just how bad or good i am, therefore it was really considerate of you to spend you precious time enlightening me but all i’ve got to say is thanks, but no thanks.
    So back to the computer teacher, i never said i was the best thing on the planet but i am what i am on the face and behind one’s back, i talk to Mr.hassan ‘not so formally’ in class and if i’m the only one who accepts that i do enjoy his accent i’ll be glad at not being a hypocrite. And yea, although he doesn’t believe in answering my questions in class cause he thinks i’m a ‘dumb blond’ i still studied for his hourly and passed with a C……….not the grade i wanted but i know i tried so there. And thanks for accepting that you’re a ‘peeping Tom,’ at least you’re honest.

    Coming to Sir B.D, i know he’s really good at heart and he thinks well of me, but i’ve past the stage where people were ‘good’, and ‘bad’, if there’s something wrong it’s wrong. I say it out in class and just so might want to know, i had a few gramatical errors verified. I’ve never prized myself at knowing english, seriously, it’s just another language. Like i seriously don’t get why monkey and donkey are pronounced so differently, but yea when i feel something’s wrong it is wrong.
    Oh and yea…..he’s my grandfather’s age so from your point of view shouldn’t i respect him a lot more now. God, when will you realise that even a two year old requires as much respect as a 60 year old.
    One last thing ‘Mr.Silent stranger’, if i knew who i was talking to i’d respect you for your views, but i pity you since you’re not bold enough to voive your opinion, and instead hide behind a fake identity. Break out of your shell and i may aswell give due consideration to your views. I hope you don’t find my response very rude, it’s just that i’m not used to sugar coating all that i say.

    This is for everyone who reads my articles. Whereas my first article was a serious note, the second was written in harmless fun, so yea.

    P.S: i’m sorry if i sound bitter, but jesus how judgemental can one get.

  7. sidrah..keep up the gud work..you have imrpoved alot with yr frend (Language i meant..shuze muaaaaah 🙂

  8. I’m not sure about the other sections but I’ve noticed that most of the students in mine are busy disrupting the class during Mr. Hasan Zubair’s lectures. Making fun of teachers is one thing. I’m sure they themselves did it during their student lives, but criticizing them for our own shortcomings is another.

    We also need to bear in mind the fact that computer courses are generally criticized of being senseless. The fact that the biggest computer geeks fail basic computer courses most often is enough proof to say this.

    Again I’d like to say that the lesson being taught in the computer class is not one on oral communication. As long as the lectures are understandable I suggest we try and make the best of them, rather ever try to cooperate with him and help him improve, instead of just complaining about something that’s partially due to our own fault.

    Again I’m not saying that our teacher is perfect. I’m just asking you to place yourselves in his shoes and think twice before baffling him with unnecessary questions. Such that eventually lead to problems for serious and non-serious students alike.

  9. tipmasala.tk=quack.offroadpakistan.com
    i think there is no difference between these two sites. the only difference between these sites is that in tipmasala the ownership was hidden and and here it is not.I think there are some limits which are not to be crossed by us.these first yrs have only spent some days over here and so without having any idea they say what ever they think of. madam ,what do you think that everyone is happy with everything over here , or either you think that only you have the guts to say all these things about the teachers and adminstration.we all have our problems but there are somethings of which we should not talk about.it was ok till we were discussing simple student issues,but critisizing the faculty so openly should not be allowed.

  10. hey alamgir..thanx..send me a webster new addition on 217 A canal view housing society Lahore…toodles

  11. Hay ! Miss or I can say Mess . How u comments about teacher so harshly there r like our parents . And it is very clear in The Holy Book . U cant even arguee with teachers . I dont know Mr B.D.Saleem’s way of teaching but he is the most senior teacher in the faculty . But i know Mr Hasan Bin Zubair , he is a good and kind man , he can’t do anything when we dont listen to his lectures . It’s our fault , not his . So Mess Sidra knidly mind your language for teachers particularly . U may criticize me or any student , but not the respected teacher .o.k. otherwise GOD will penalised you in some other way . Be CArefuL .

  12. Kashif Saab I ll try to arrange he said item for u m as I know u r in need of it to go through the article .

  13. looking ata hypthetical analyses of the unethical discussion that was carried in an a rather arbitrary manner, consider Sidrah as equal to and not less than x while my brother not more than “y”. when you take a randome sample of the above said integers you will realise that x is an intergal value of y and and y is not a complete set of equation without x. means Sidrah…you are a dead meat!
    khel khatam pesa hazam!

  14. ZAbaRdust ! good definition by Sir Hasham . U have defined her in a good manner . I’d like all tipians to post thier comments on quack on this article .

  15. nice article…..
    but remember as the studenst we can complain only to ourselves and when every we complain to any other i mean Dean or the President, we will have to suffer as mr hassan wrote in his commets….. but as Mr BD saleem commented that she should be suspended and no one sholud ask the Q why she is suspended… i never though about Mr B D that he will be so apposite to freedom to spech infect the freedom to write….. what can we do is only to stop give comments on sucj criticle issues for which we have to suffer…. ok BS & Gs

  16. I am really shocked that e war is going on this forum, so u better dont fight for a little issue, be united and teasing or hurting the feeligs isn’t this ridiculous so u might be aware of the consequences.>

  17. u r right rooster . it possible to use anyone’s name in the comments but this is not right . ‘coz any one reading those plagarized comments wouls draw a different image from his character . so kindly dont do these type of suff.

  18. Reacently Hassan Bin Zubair sent a mail to the first year
    The Kings and Queens of 1st year 🙂

    i have taken some lab exams and seen that u are not performing well, so i have decided that to become strict to some level.

    Now what you have to do in the class is that if you have any question raise your hand, i will ask your question and solve your problem, nobody is allowed to start asking the question without the teacher permission, 2nd anyone found talking, or doing someother work beside the course work or disturbing the class or making joke or anything, is provided with only 2 options 1st is that he/she leaves the class or 2nd he/she can stay in the class with an absent mark in the attendance, if he/she decided to stay in the class and again find talking or disturbing the class his/her name is given to the discplenary committee and after that you all know what is going to happen.

    From now onwards dont consider u out of this rule whether u are Sohail qureshi or haris dewan whether u are sohaib or syed ALi mehdhi whether u are tabish aur minhaj abdul maroof , whether u are a fakhee naeem or sidra nadeem whether u are a girl or a boy dont consider yourself out of this rule, and 1 more thing dont take attendance lightly , attendance will affect your grading.


  19. don’t you know people are observing and you could be black listed.how could you demand so openly like this.how could you criticize the policies.you are not wise if you are straight forward. T.C is the gate way to success ,so be quick impress and still never forget to supress.

    on the other hand if you are a diplomat then you are a wise person .If you know tansmutation,you also know deception suddenly you become handsome and you are wellcome . you are an intellectual if you praise the hot shots and get your work done and a successful politician too if you could flirt the policy makers.so you better rectify, never specify what you are upto or people will say u bye. STRANGE , VERY STRANGE……

  20. Thnks Masood, U ellobrated all the secrets tactics U use to get rid of probation.So we name this demonstration TC-101.

  21. come on waqas stop lying now. Everybody knows that who used to be the biggest T.C. you and only you. everytime you were missing you were found in the faculty lodge.

  22. Maji , masood and waqas and all of you including me. we all do tc’ ‘ i do it very much and i m getting A’s. but i no thats a horrible thing.

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