Texperts with their Coffee!

Alas the much awaited event took place today on the 2nd of April, 2014. Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society under the leadership of their new president organized Coffee with Texperts and amongst a large cluster, called upon 3 well established Texperts in the industry today.

The three honourable guests who graced us with their presence were (senior pehlay) Syed Moosa Shahrukh from the batch of 1999, Hassan Ali Baig from the batch of 2002 and Sharjeel Zafar who graduated in 2010. 3 Texperts of different genres, with three different experience levels and three different ways to answer the questions put forward to them.

And that was the main idea of this session. To let the current student body interact with their set-in seniors and understand the difference between what course books have to offer in comparison to the intensive real world scenario. Students bombarded Texperts with questions which ranged from,

  1. “Why did you choose your current firm?”
  2. “How did you make your student life active at TIP?”
  3. “How much should we ask for in our first salary?”
  4. “Do you face politics in your working environment. If yes, how do you handle it?”

All 3 guests answered all the questions in their own way, which were brilliant to say the least. Hassan Ali Baig went one step further and explained why he answered what he answered and was received with applause every time.

Since the guests were former students of TIP, it was an understood fact that we could have a little bit of fun. The session couldn’t run its full course being completely serious and formal. Texpert hein yaar, tafree to banti hai!

As suggested by the 4th year members of TiES, the session was organized on the framework of the renowned TV show, Koffee with Karan. Therefore TiES added their version of Rapid Fire round and a TIP Quiz. And boy was the Rapid Fire round a source of entertainment! Questions included in the Rapid Fire were,

  • How were your ragged?
  • Who was the hottest teacher at your time?
  • Kitne Letter lage?
  • Tell us 3 illegal things you did when you were at TIP.
  • Mimic your favourite faculty member

The 10 questions put forward to all 3 Texperts were answered in a unique fashion by each, but Sharjeel Zafar clearly had a point to prove. His tally of 10-12 DC letters is unparalleled, his ragging experiences were out of the ordinary as his Texperts were called upon to rag him, and his narrations of illegal mischiefs were exciting and innovative (and something the current students look forward on practising on campus). The most surprising part was, when Hassan Ali Baig and Moosa Shahrukh were inquired as to “Kitne Letter lage?” and their reactions were, “Ye letter kya hota hai?”  Seriously!!! I kid you not, it turns out that there was NO concept of disciplinary warning letters at their time! Now I know why they say that previous times were better. Also, when one of the senior Texperts was asked as to who was their first crush at TIP, he said, “Seriously koi nai. Agar yaqeen nahi aata to meray saal ki yearbook khol kar dekh lo, khud hi samajh jao gay.” Now you know what I meant by the fun aspect of this session? 😀 The TIP Quiz then followed and general questions related to the university were asked.

The event wrapped up with souvenirs being handed out to each guest, which were special Coffee with Texperts mugs. The session was first of its kind, held exactly 2 month before the senior batch graduates. Before leaving, Hassan Ali Baig questioned the students, “What happened to Talking Textures?!” A very valid question sir. Its something which needs to be published annually… regularly, but unfortunately there has been a 2 year gap. But the newer batches show potential and a light at the end of the tunnel shines.

Thank you honourable Texperts for sharing your valuable time with us! We wish to be as successful, or somewhere near what you are today. If not our course books, then your insight and advice imparted today will help us achieve that dream.

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