TIP students and texperts have finally embraced the Internet, with Quack! Online, TIP Masala, and now Texperts.org being updated. Texperts.org has some content is online, while the rest is under construction. There are reports of ‘regular meetings’ by a ‘think team of technocrats’. I wonder what all that is about!

All Texperts, don’t miss out the chance to get your own @texperts.org email address.

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  1. Today 29-09-03 fasialabad textile college students visited Latif cotton mills at nooriabad. When they met me over thier they were looking very impressed by the students of TIP and espcially from TISF.

    Thsi is a big achievement for Tipians and Texperts that they have broken concept of “faisalabad only”.

  2. it’s a good site and aplaud to the team behind it will anyone tell us who’s behind texpert.org and who’s maintain it.

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