That Moment #TISFelections #aaminahwon

Thie article is written and submitted by Areeba Haroon of TDT 3.
Hearty Congratulations to Aaminah Shahzad for winning TISF elections. 

“Aaminah Shahzad is the new President of TISF!’’ The feeling is beyond explanation and cannot be put into words. Not even having to wait for another moment but to hear just what our ears were dying to. Her victory is not just her’s. It’s a collective victory. And we cannot rejoice it enough. This is History. First time a Girl wins a seat for the TISF Elections and that too of a President. This itself says it all. The change is here. It is surely a proud moment for all of us.  And there is no more need of being afraid, very afraid.

From raising up a voice, to being misjudged of holding personal grudges to wanting others to stand up and then finally sensing the need to do it ourselves was whole of an interesting and spicy jaunt. Not a single Poster. Just the word of mouth and there we made it. Alhumdulilah.

Just when there were doubts, her friends believed in her. We did not fear Aaminah would lose. Sorry I was overconfident but really I would always say ‘’WHY NOT’’? Campaigning was not our interest. TIP alone was the motive, no matter what!

If one of us can develop an opinion about someone, we should also dare to use our voice or just not give a crap otherwise. Either use it or Lose it. That is. Aaminah Shahzad stands to rectify the things she believes should not have been a part of TIP and further improve them for the welfare of TIP students and faculty.  As observed, previously it was the goal of Paintoos to carry out activities for the betterment of TIP at a small level. We proudly say,  Now it shall be the goal of TISF to benefit the whole university using its power and position. And without the faith and support , this would not have been possible in such a small span of time.

SO WHAT? Really so what if you did not win? Kaam kerne wala banda post k bager bhi kaam kerega. Through the post one can mentor the ones below and together through collaborative efforts they can accomplish goals they always wished to. TIP is our Interest. It belongs to me. It belongs to you. It is not necessary that one be’s the part of the TISF to do what so ever they feel like for the good of their university. We all pay for the TISF and have the right to be totally involved with its affairs. Ideas can change the world. And everyone must be open to them. You and I may have many but may not have the confidence to implement them on our own. However, one must put them forward. How about? You work. People Watch. Next Elections, You win!

A leader should be one who puts his followers before himself . Most of the time candidates stand up for the welfare of the entire university. Their aim is to reform and bring changes to what they opposed, provide a good campus life to the students and take the institute to the next level. Life is all about the luck games. Yesterday it was with you, today it is not, tomorrow it wishes to be with you. We must always be positive and not let rejections influence us in a way that becomes a demotivation. One must not limit himself or give up trying as it could become a hindrance for our future ambitions.

Lastly, I would say we must not forget to remind ourselves that we represent as the TIPians. WE ARE ALL ONE. We must kill the negatives inside so that we can conquer what is out. Wishing you all a HAPPY NEXT YEAR AT TIP!


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  1. Keeping the fact in mind that you guys announced your candidate just two days before the election, had almost zero campaigning and then managed to win it, is in itself an indicator of the enormous amount of trust the students of TIP put in aaminah shahzad or I should say, in paintoos.

  2. “Kaam kerne wala banda post k bager bhi kaam kerega”
    toh aaminah bhi karleti baghair post ke? :p

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