The aftermath of the elections

By Talha Ahmed Siddique

You know one thing I have seen that we people find it very hard to accept the defeat, may it be of any kind. We some how or the other find a way out to satisfy our selves temporarily. For example (I will give examples related to the elections as it would be my focus here) I have heard people say things like, ‘had the Burger party supported me I would have never lost’, or I have even heard one say that there has been an element of rigging in the elections, which in my opinion is all rubbish. Hey, I know it’s hard to put up with the setback, but what’s the point in blaming someone.

‘But he was my friend, at least he should’ve voted for me’ I heard one of the candidates say who lost in the recent TISF elections. You people must have also heard people saying the same thing. If a friendship is being affected by elections, then let me tell you that it was not even friendship in the first place; it was just an interaction, which was broken due to unavoidable circumstances. People don’t really realize the meaning of friendship. It has a much superior meaning and significance than it seems. Friendship is not something, which can be easily affected by this small thing like elections. It is high time that we should realize that what friendship is and give it ample amount of room in our hearts to reside comfortably.

5 Replies to “The aftermath of the elections”

  1. if em right …election has made groups and these groups ar categorized on the basis of supporting different candidates …if this is all elections could provide us than i simply hate these elections.Bless yew

  2. There is no friendshio in TIP if there would have been 3rd yrs wouldnt have fighted that way , also there is only one good friend

  3. I wish people realize the true spirit of freindship…
    so much for the TISF elecions…Ahhhhhhh

  4. yEAH, u r right Mazahr, people should realize the true spirit of friendship…& do make friends , not workers or Banda`s who can campain 4 them in elctions.

  5. although its a bit off the topic,i will talk abt it since its related to elections.Ever since i entered TIP,i was given the impression that to win in elections,u necessarily had to have the hostel support.This year election’s result at least proved this wrong.If Ayesha won against unaiza by 3 votes,it wasnt what i call a major lack of support for unaiza..maybe unaiza was a bit unfortunate.same goes for ahsan.again losing by 2 votes doesnt mean that he was unpopular or that usman won cuz hostel was supporting him.Infact ahsan’z number of votes surprised all of us,considering he stood up just 2 days before the elections!so anyway,to cut it short,this is a healthy sign that the hostel’s so called ‘monoply’ is getting dispersed.HOWever,this doesnot in anyway way mean i m against the hostel point here is whoever is a better candidate shud be supported n shud be brot forward.After all,sirf logon ko jitwana naheen hota….aagay aik saal unko bardaasht bhi kerna hota hai!

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