The chocolate days…

I cannot sit on the library floor anymore. If I wasn’t penniless I would have said “screw the Rs.500 fine, I’m sitting right where I want to!” but I can’t afford rebellion. Damn.

I’ve started work on my print, my first weaving sample is complete and I think I can manage to pass in CAD/CAM. I’m not going to drive myself crazy like I did last year. It’s good to be work-conscious but you shouldn’t make it your top-priority, because in the end you won’t remember the crazy amount of effort you put in, you’ll remember the fun you had. And I didn’t have fun last year at all. Even in first year, I remember the sheer excitement and joy of our newborn freedom, of having friends, of being a part of this vibrant, beautiful place with a lake and a walkway and a fertilizer factory cum cruise ship that sparkled in the night; the only assignments I remember doing are the ones where Awzeen, Shazia, Mariam, Mutahira and I were cramped together in our hostel rooms trying to paint perfect, strokeless strips of paper, or reproducing magazine cutouts using poster color. I remember the night before Valentines Day when we had a mini-competition on who would get the first Valentine sms, and Mutahira went crazy and started cussing all the guys she knew for being insensitive, careless jerks. I think Awzeen won…I’m not sure. I know I certainly didn’t.


Nothing is the same anymore. A lot of people we loved have graduated, and the ones that are left…well we don’t have any time to spend with them. I’m a stranger now to the people I’ve been friends with since the first day of university. I could blame it on the Administration. They’ve killed the hostel night-life, they’ve made sure that we have no time whatsoever to have fun, they’ve given the cafeteria over to a group that can’t cook at all…Nope, not enough reasons. Sigh. Since I can’t really blame it on the Administration, I’ll have to blame it on myself. We have to learn to take out time for the people who are important to us. If I can’t do that, it’s my own fault.

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  1. hmmmm, da chocolate days, kinda mouth watering!
    one thing for sure, u really hav to make an effort to make time for ppl who r important to u and wid whom u used to hang out wid previously!
    i hope whn i end up in my third or final years, things are much better (no offence):)

  2. no Hira u cant blame it completely on urself….i rem my frst week at TIP when we were allowed to sit in the corridors n the place really seemed n smelled like a university….it was pretty different then…the atmosphere had a completely different air to it…i think its da way ur surroundings affect u…u know with each passing day TIP reminds me more n more of my army school *urgh*…n come to think of it im not even a fan of those big happy gatherings…but sometimes it doesn’t hurt

  3. nice one hira .. you got quite emotional over there .. lets see how you make your two years different from the last year :p

  4. all i can is *sigh*….n hey that was my room u were stuffed inside all of you…..gosh why the hell i’m becoming invisible

  5. Well Hira, u can always have time for your old friends if u want.In order to promote our design department,our designers are bound to work hard so that they can compete well in the market..but that doesn’t means u dont have life directly relates to nostalgia and fantasy and wasting this important part of life for just studies is totally wrong..

    my suggestion to you is again priority..if your friends are your priority…u will arrange time to sit and talk with them..dont be a book worm rather try to manage your time in the best possible manner. Life always moves on..if your previous friends have graduated…u can have new friends..u have to change urself with circumstances.

  6. hira tum ne last 3 saal yaad dila dye yaar 🙁
    we really had fun in past at hostel and at over night events….huh

  7. Well i do agree with rameez, life is never consistent. The environment, atmosphere and situation it keeps on changing as life continues so, a person should learn how to coordinate with the changing environment rather than always thinking about the past which is always pleasant (some events).As far as friends are concern, by the words of william shakespear:


    And as for the university life, i do agree that a person should consider his studies first but,in my opinion every person has the liberty to enjoy life for 5 mins which is not at all going to kill him or her.ya its ok to be hard at every stage true but at the end of the day we all are human.I say,
    forget the ends and bents pop the cold ones toast it with your real friends call your folks tell them you are tight now cause every thing is looking pretty good right now lolz.

  8. “what goes around comes around so it’s time to get down!”
    I choose my own words, Neh! 😀

  9. Thank ALLAH … we spent our 4 years in full joy and fun … 🙂 .. best of luck guyz try to live the way u want to … be bold and condemn wat is going wrong .. we did the same and had lods of fun … administration is always there b/w u and ur fun but have to tackle them smartly 🙂 my suggestion is to have all the fun u can because after graduation … THERE IS NO FUN IN THE INDUSTRY AT ALL … mind it !!!

  10. im a newwy!!!
    dnt knw say abt the past..
    bt tip is grayish n dull these daz tht 4 sure..
    hope it gets all choclaty again..:)

  11. y dont people go for alternatives at hostel now?
    Go to namkeen hotel and shout loud “habib-ullah dan parag” or else you still hav country club so close to you, hav chillious lamb chops there with dp sauce!!!

  12. and who said it?? furhan……… all you people hav to do is go there and show your face, they always welcome tip students, btw hav you been there on behalf of tip in your three years???

  13. yes hina… im a rujput….. too…. infact am very much a rana myself…..
    and as far as the country club goes…. ive been there once… on behalf of tip that too… and it sucks big time….:(

  14. Anyone is welcome there, but the arragement that the Country Club had with TIP is no longer in place. I don’t know why.

    If you are still in TIP, maybe you should protest. I used the CC for the sport facilities, which they did not have at TIP. In any case the arrangement was for sports there.

  15. nice to know AO, you used that place for so many other things…….. that place is so temptin especially upstairs ;p !!! move your body, move your body

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