The Eqbal Ahmed within us!!!

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.
Sun Tzu

Dr. Eqbal Ahmed Award, being TIP’s one of the most prestigious and acclaimed award is awarded every year to a student of TIP in order to revive the remarkable life of Dr. Eqbal Ahmed and to his achievements that gave a light of hope and courage to many despaired souls. It is an immense honor for the student receivng this award for it highlights that the student have kept his soul alive and have been conscious about the fact that he is not send down to live a comfortable life but also to make the lives of others better in whatsoever means he could avail.

This year, it was Rameez Ahmed Khan from Textile Science Department who was bestowed with this award, Many Congratulations to you and all our warm wishes for your future 🙂 hope to see another Eqbal Ahmed living around us!

Salute to you Dr. Eqbal Ahmed for all you have rendered for humanity.

You can also check the following article by Dr. Zubair Bandukda on Dr. Eqbal Ahmed,

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  1. @Ali Hakeem…………Hira Saiyed graduated an year earlier, in her batch it was Furhan Hussain who got the award!!!

  2. Er. I confirmed with Ali, he hasn’t visited quack! in days. It’s probably a faceless hater seeking to vent out.

  3. What a way to insult the great Eqbal Ahmad and the principles he represented all his life. Didn’t they interview Mr. Rameez before making fun of the respectable name of Dr Eqbal Ahmad?

    I am sure, Mr, Rameez didn’t even know who was Eqbal Ahmad and what actually his achievements were. I don’t blame Mr. Rameez, he is a good person who will try to do whatever management, and others ask him to do with complete sincerity. But this is not what Eqbal Ahmad award represents. In short, he is a good follower but not a good leader in any sense, not a visionary, not an activist.

    On TIP’s own website, there is this article written by Dr. Zubair Bandukta, former President TIP, about Dr. Eqbal Ahmad. He says “Eqbal Ahmad was a scholar, a columnist, and a political activist. But above all, he was a teacher whose wisdom and insights influenced two generations of students.” – Note this, Eqbal Ahmad was someone who was able to influence people, who was highly skilled to get his message across and never shy to express his views no matter if they are against his own country, religion or systems. Sit with Mr. Rameez for like five minutes, talk with him and you will understand what’s wrong in awarding him an award with the name of Eqbal Ahmad.

    Mr. Zubair futher says: “He also opposed the evil dictatorship of General Zia through a series of stinging articles, and in rallies organized abroad.” – Ok, let me make it easier for you, you don’t have to sit with Mr. Rameez for five minutes, if he is in your friends list on Facebook, go and check his political views – apparently he is a big fan of a dictator who raped Pakistan for eight years, now living abroad with his facebook political party Mr. Pervaiz Musharaff – I have no words to say anything, a person who lived all his life fighting against dictatorships not only in his own country but around the world and you are awarding an award linked with his name to an open supporter of a dictator in his own country. This is just insane, plain stupid.

    Mr Zubair further says: “To date, TIP strives to ensure that Dr. Eqbal Ahmed’s philosophy and values remain alive in the organisation’s operations.” and about Eqbal Ahmad award: “It is intended for the TIP student who most closely embodies the values Eqbal Ahmad stood for.” – TIP completely lost it, if you don’t have worthy students who deserves ‘Eqbal Ahmad’ award, it’s time you guys should stop using his name –

  4. @ Malik
    Good lengthy comment. I like it. But you still haven’t exposed your identity. I am sure you are a brave person since you have written such great things. May I know your real name??

  5. @Malik: nice nice nice , really good article but why going all that trouble just to prove your point, rameez doesnt deserve it ?

    I mean what ever you wrote, it makes sense but for your kind information neither Dr Eqbal Ahmed Award is presented to a who person only thinks, acts or behave like Dr Eqbal ahmad nor to a person who shares the same perspective of life as Dr.Eqbal Ahmed.

    Its just an award that is given to those students who goes out of their way, who spare some time from their hectic schedule of tip to actually promote tip, to heighten its reputation , to make tip’s name proud , to spread its name among others and just to add value to this award so that one cold feel honorable they have name it Dr. Eqbal Ahmed Award so that they could pay him a tribute, rather than to find an exact match of his personality and pass the throne to that exact match, that dear son or daughter since you think , walk , act like Eqbal Ahmed you deserve to have this award. We are sure that you will flourish in the same way as Dr.Iqbal Ahmad did since, you are actually him.

    How nice, isnt it Mr. Malik kindly review your ludicrous , irrational comment. I believe Mr Rameez very well deserve this award since, he has organize such events that has actually benefit tip and its students as well in terms of professional development and skills improvement.

    Congrats Rameez and All the very best for future.

  6. @Mr.Rebuttal:
    This time read with an open pair of eyes, not my words but words of Dr. Zubair Bandukta, former President TIP regarding criteria for selecting a student for Eqbal Ahmad award. Here we go;

    “It is intended for the TIP student who most closely embodies the values Eqbal Ahmad stood for.”

    Try to understand the meanings of ‘most closely embodies’ and ‘Values’. Use dictionary if you have to. And if you don’t agree with the criteria, kindly request TIP to erase Dr. Zubair’s article and publish a new one written by of course Mr. Rebuttal. 😛

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