The Miraculous Night

This sunup, when I tuned onto my TV sets, my eyes caught a programme on GEO TV Network on “Lailatul Mairaj and Ummat-e-Muslima” The host was doing a public survey about the importance of Lailatul Mairaj. It was so thwarting and disappointing to find out hardly a very few individuals were aware of which Islamic date it was and what valuables the night has stored for them. Girls wearing sleeveless outfits, giggling and enjoying in the shopping malls when asked the importance of Shab-e-Mairaj, replied they have no idea!

A man with a beard answered that he came to his shop and stayed there dawn till dusk and that constituted his whole life! Another girl in a freaky English accent said I think it’s a night, which decides our fates! (That’s Shab-e-Baraat! Ms. England) The host asked what Islamic date it was, the public had no idea especially the Pakistani Youth who could talk hours on the Valentines day and Friendship day but when was asked to talk about a subject that must linger in our roots, THEY HAD NO IDEA. Yesterday it was 27th Rajab that is known in Islamic history as “Shab-e-Mairaj” The night when Archangel Jibreel (P.B.U.H) came to accompany Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) in a journey towards the skies. It’s a night of worship, it a night of prayers, it’s a night of gratitude, it’s a night of celebration, it’s a night to pay homage to our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) for this remarkable journey towards Heaven and presenting the Muslim Ummah with the gift of five Salaat which keep our hearts at ease. But Alas! Regret and remorse! We have time to celebrate western festivals and events but we have forgotten our values, the ISLAMIC VALUES, which differ us from the whole wide world. We have time to read Harry Potter Series but no time for the Quranic Tafseer. Take that book out, read its tafseer, its all stories, very interesting and eye-opening stories, real stories, stories of old times, stories of me and you, that book deserves a night out. It is said, “Ilm hasil karna har musalman mard aur aurat par farz hai” what do you think which ilm is it? It is the ilm of Islam. Wake up youth! If you are like this who is going to teach the coming generation?

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  1. i didnt remember that last night was shab e mairaj either, until my brother told me at 7 pm. it’s very very shameful. especially when one is constantly reminded of valentines day and mothers day and best friends day and wat not. newspapers start screaming the dates out weeks before the actual day. we should fix our priorities.
    or we could try making islam fashionable?

    (it was a joke people! no sticks and stones please)

  2. Hello all
    why do we blame media they think of their buisness what catches more fund they show that stuff
    why dont we blame ourselves and people with whom we live who didnt taught us or told us to remember these things
    no one is to be offended its just a comment

  3. At Times Like These I Really Love My Mom.
    She made me Read all the Namaz’s and do all the Aamaals.
    It’s true though, we seem to have forgotten our priorities and have focused on all the negatives of others.

  4. Blaming the Media for everything is just sooo easy isn’t it?
    It’s like you’re watching a Rated R Movie with a 5 year old and then covering his eyes and ears when obscenities glare the screen. You curse the Media, where’s your Common Sense!?

  5. most of our generation is not aware of islam. they are far too indulged in other activities. its sad to hear about this. if we dont dont do anything about this right now we will have nothing to teach the next generation.

  6. @Ali Hakeem

    ok…if this is the matter, then what will you say about our previous generation which was more close towards religion and our values….there was no TV channel other than PTV and no radio other than RADIO PAKISTAN….!

    i am not blaming media….i m telling the truth…you can concentrate at one thing at a moment and media is actually diverting our attention from our religion and our moral values and it is very hard to ignore these TV channels and stop watching TV(you just mentioned the point)…deliver good things…people will accept it!

  7. Well I too felt shameful when I was told the next day that it was shab-e-mairaj last night….
    and then I said to my syelf… ‘oh so thats why I could hear the mualvi go on and on the entire night!’

    Fact is… as children, we’ve always associated this night with a holiday because back in school we’d always get one the next day of this night.
    So when you’re at home… unemployed… no school no job… you obviously wouldnt remember or would you?

    So its not really the media… its what you’ve been taught and what you’ve been expeiencing as a child. If you are’nt reminded of a day the way you should be, why would you remember it?

    But yes… I do know that it was this night on which Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) met the other prophets in the heavens…. I’m not that shameless…!

  8. The media can and does influence people but people can choose what to approbate. Moreover, the media is free. The mullas can talk about the sanctity of the night if they want. No one’s stopping them.

  9. when you are at home…no job and no school….you have only one thing which relates you with the outside world and that is media..!

    what about valentines day…you remember it coz media promotes it…no holiday on valentines day and no school actually promotes this day..lolzz!!!

  10. Radio Pakistan & PTV didn’t play Quranic Verses 24/7 there were other programs on it as well.
    Popular Show which included Stand Up Comedies and Dramas, it was a channel that had something for everyone, in this day and age everyone is free to choose what kind of information they seek. So if one doesn’t know about something it’s more often his or her ignorance.
    If I don’t know something about my religion, I’m at fault. I can’t blame the other person for my ignorance.

    Valentines day, Eid & Ramzan these Holidays have Business Potential and Every kind of Business is Promoted, so please it’s ridiculous comparing thse days.

  11. By the way as far as Schooling is concerned, there is a thing such as Islamiat, a Subject which is clearly taught to every student.

    Though very little is retained.

    Ask any random person on the street, what the islamic date is today and they won’t be correct.

    It’s not the media to be blamed, it’s our lack of focus….

  12. Just as shab-e-mairaj is associated with a holiday which children actually consider as a bonus, valentines day is celebrated with a bakesale…
    dont have a bakesale… come to scholl the morning after shab-e-mairaj…. its not as if the children actually stay up all night and pray…!

  13. dont have a bakesale… come to scholl the morning after shab-e-mairaj…. its not as if the children actually stay up all night and pray…!

    Well, if our teachers can postpone quizzes because a student has to attend that yearly thing in Raiwind, which isn’t even a requisite priority, then why not have shab e mairaj as a holiday!

  14. what my point is media actually diverts our focus from religion!

    thats true it’s all depends on oneself but nowadays media affects us more powerfully than in the past!

  15. media is just the means with which you get information. it’s up to you to collect the information most important to you. people who had been watching Qtv or Peace Tv regularly must have known it was shab-e mairaj. and just so that you know rameez, ptv showed no special shab-e-mairaj transmission. i should know, i dont have cable.

    once again, it’s all about priorities. what we hold important. many people must have prayed on that night, and they didnt need a tv bulletin to tell them what islamic date it is.

    media does affect society, but not as much as people give it credit for. the power of the media is overrated.

  16. Well i think quarter of the coming generation doesn’t even know the difference between good and bad. To chose, which programme you can see on TV first depends upon your awareness about what is right and what is wrong. Now when most of the children are not taught about right or wrong they will definitely chose the wrong path because it has all the attraction. That was just my view for the media.

    As for the topic, DAWN and URDU newspaper contains Islamic dates. LABAIK channel on TV displays Islamic dates so we can get update from there. Its all about taking interest in our own values.

  17. And its good to see so many comments coming up which clearly shows that we do actually take interest in our religious festivities and honor them.

  18. these things actually varies from person to person…some people are more atracted towards TV…its all bout priorities….very true..i agreed with Hira.

    but an adult have the option to change his/her priority….what about childeren and teenagers who cannot resist thse movies and songs and valentines day?who will tell them the right and wrong….media or their parents!

    another question….does media only promotes those things having business potential?dont media have the responsiblity to educate teenagers and childeren…media actually educate people..

    my point actually suits at teenagers!

  19. So what you’re saying is that Teenagers should also be babied and told what channel to watch or not?

    Listen dude, what I’m saying is that when one is of age they are at liberty to choose what to do!

    Your Parents aren’t with you always, they have taught you right from wrong, it’s then up to you to do what you want! It’s YOUR life not theirs.

    Goray ki Values Aur Tumhari Values Main farkh tou ho ga na?!

  20. yes so right..i am saying that a teenager is not able to make decissions correctly….even if he knows the right and most cases he goes towards bad things coz they have attraction…

    on the night of SHAB-E-MIRAAJ…when i opened my radio(which is also a part of media)…i was surprised that their was no regualr transmission…all the FM channels were broadcasting religious programmes…then i got to know that the night is Shab-e-miraaj, THATS all because of media, if these FM channels had kept broadcasting these regular songs and programmes..i would never be knowing this …so like me,many teenagers are “addicted” to FM and media…and again MEDIA IS HUGELY(Not totally) RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS…!

    this world is busy and people forget these religious days and again media plays a significant role for reminding or not reminding them for this day….i know some TV channels dont even organized a single news blletin for this sacred night…Fm channels kept the sanctity of night and start delivering religious programmes!

    @Ali Hakeem
    please consider that not all youngsters are able to differeniate b/w right and wrong…!

  21. rameez…bache… how do you remember the days of ramzaan? does your radio tell it to you every morning of the month? and eid ka din tum tv ke kehne pe manatay ho? theres something known as a calender, and another thing known as a memory unit in your brain which you can utilise by memorising things like dates (islami dates too! wowee!)and why they are important. will you need the newspapers to advertise your birthday?
    if you went to the States, or Britain or lets say Monaco, what on earth will you do? Give up trying to be muslim?

  22. well perhaps i should not have used the word ‘HUGELY’…media is responsible but not that..!
    You said:-
    media does affect society, but not as much as people give it credit for. the power of the media is overrated.

    i agree with that!but let me give you another example…in the previous era…there was no TV and people learns what their parents say…today devil has entered into our homes and most of us have cable in our homes, thus media actually educates us…!

    i dont want to make this debate more worse but that’s what i thinks….basically the topic was we forgot these Islamic dates and i started discussing effect of media on us and our society!

    anywayz thanks very much for providing me with the correct knowledge and for clearing my mis-conception…

  23. easy solution to all these problems “offer prayers 5 times a day and u wont need any media or maulvi to help u focus ur attention towards ur religion ” magar kiya kerain paper se aik din pehlay to hum apni kitabain kholtay hain ….

  24. Rameez, it’s a form of affectionate address that elders use for people younger than them. It’s a compliment, in case you were wondering. See you.


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