The New Hourly System

With two hourlies per semester, it give students more time to be invloved in their coursework and less towards their grades. Gives faculty more time to plan class rather than planning hourlies. And it keeps the pressure on us students, because if you mess up the first hourly, you’re pretty much screwed!

But (yes, there’s always that), Depp is right about the paper pattern. We have no idea what the hourly exam is going to look like, so the chances of doing bad are greater. Case in point; Abdul Jabbar for most of his classes at TIP has had to cut down the weightage of his first hourlies because the majority would flunk.

I propose that all teachers should file a copy of each hourly, past, present and future, in the library and let students have access. The benefits are bountiful, and the drawbacks none.

See Here come the Hourlies for more on the topic.

3 Replies to “The New Hourly System”

  1. No this is the wrong suggestion because by doing so there will be the totally RATTA system will come up and the students will become more selective in their studies, but at this level students should have to built a habit of book reading, which have various advantages associated to it !!

  2. The lazier students are already generally selective in preparing for the hourlies because:

    1. They don’t need to prepare anything beyond what was taught in class, and

    2. They get hold of the ‘past papers’ through senior students.

    The rattafication problem lies in the teaching system. Teachers don’t assign readings, which means students come unprepared to class, and the teacher struggle to get across the basics while students struggle to understand. Try reading ahead for just one class and you’ll notice the difference – you’ll enjoy and understand the class a lot more.

    In the senior classes you’ll find some students who do read up, students who are interested in learning about textiles beyond passing an exam. For them, and other truely serious students, past papers enable them to get beyond the basics.

  3. i agree wid u abid cuz i have too found myslef struggling in the first hourlies ,not because i donot study for them but because i dnot know how exactly to study as the paper pattern is not known.past papers wud help immensely indeed.

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