The reason Hira has become anti-doctors and government

Hi! Guess where I am at the moment?

I’m sitting in the Digital Library of Dow Medical College. I climbed seven different flights of stairs, explored three floors and two blocks to get here. The future doctors of
Pakistan are the worst people to take directions from; God knows how they will navigate through arteries and vena cavas.

I’m here because the Provincial government has finally decided to actually award the people who accidentally got selected to go to Islamabad for the National Youth Convention this year. I say accidentally, because had I known I’d have to go through this crap I would have said “no thank you, you can keep your money, I’m anti-doctors and government anyway.”

This ceremony was supposed to be held on the 5th of June. It got cancelled, resulting in my having to take a rickshaw ride from Saddar to North Nazimabad (though I must say the weather was lovely that day). It got rescheduled for the 7th, and then for today, though nobody actually knows the time it’s scheduled for. Mr. Adil SRO called and said the participants have to arrive at 10 AM, Mr. Ali Hafeez says it’s 12 noon. I called DMC and they don’t even know there is a ceremony. The next time I’m going to a doctor, I’ll make sure he/she is not a DMC graduate.

So here I am. At DOW Medical College, where the administration block is on the 4th floor of the farthest situated building, the future doctors are unsure where their administration block is (if there is an administration block), the pathology professor is lost and the digital library is located on the 1st, no wait, the 2nd, no no, you’ve got it wrong, the 3rd floor of the largest building.

I love TIP.

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  1. yea i know…. i could barely read…. 🙁
    anyway… im glad that something else came up…..
    damn i was so sick of all those open letters and what not crap…!

  2. Dear Hira,

    Sorry to hear of your plight. Hope you do get to receive your award and go to Islamabad for an experience.

    However, i reproduce my email of the fax that TIP received as follows:

    ITs a FAX, requesting u to come and collect your cheque thru Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad at a ceremony.


    Ref: DUHS/2007/5-106

    THe award distribution ceremony has been arranged at the Governor House Karachi on Tuesday 5th June 2007 at 11:00am where, Ms Hira Syed
    will receive a award of Rs 10,000/-

    THe student, Ms Hira Syed is requested to be present at the Dow Medical College campus, Baba-e-Urdu Road, Karachi at 9.30am from where Major (Dr.) Aijaz, Director Coordination Students Affairs will accompany them to the Governor House.

    The student may please be asked to:
    1. Be dressed appropriately

    yours sincerely
    Dr. Meher F. Hansotia
    Dow University of Health Sciences
    ph: 2745826


  3. Sir i arrived at exactly the right time on the 5th, it turns out the event was postponed and then scheduled for the 7th, then postponed again for the 13th. And Mr. Adil informed my parents that i was supposed to be present at ten whereas the required time was 12 hence my crazy wanderings around the DOW campus.

    and shukar alhamdulillah i DID receive my money. Finally.

  4. By the way both of you (Arsalan and Ali hakeem)
    Tum logon ke magzine kab aarahe hain?

  5. hey hira i dont thnk u’ll get the prize ever.lolz.jus kidin.i m still w8ing 4 my tipollywood k paise.patan nahi kab of luck anywys.and i love tip tooo[:D].hav funnnn

  6. SHukar ALhumdolillah, this is one hard earned gift. When r u proceeding for Islamabad?

    Good luck with it all.

  7. lolz….u had SOME khuari for that money for sure….good part is u got yayyyy for you….when r u going to isloo??

  8. thanks to recent attacks on government, mr. musharraf is prolly cancelling the whole event. haye meri qismat!

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