The Rotaract Club of TIP

Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. The program is part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. It is what we call ‘A Global Network of Community Volunteers’.”

Inside TIP, it is not something too peculiar from the rest of the world (Regardless of the Environment at TIP). Infact it is a part of the same Rotary-sponsored service club with different leaders. We have Ali Reza Merchant as the President of the club, Mariyam B. Ahmed as the V.P alongwith several other members assigned different positions in the club. Radically we all work as small teams inside the club (such as publishing, finance, event management etc. etc.) with myself as a part of the writing/publishing program!

The substratum of this club is to help the needy in any ways possible (yes ofcourse we’re just students so we cannot just go off the hook and help them… but we could ask others to help them if we cannot provide them wit’ normal solutions). Right now we’re on to collect some books for a school where every ‘Rotarian’ is supposed to get atleast 5 books or else, he/she might have to part the club or would be forced to do so. We would be arranging many fund-raising events in the near future which includes dance parties, concerts, festivals and all.

The deal is not about collecting funds and partying all night long, it is about building your character… developing self-respect…serving your community and promoting goodwill…gain an understanding of the needs, problems & oppurtunities within your community and worldwide….and creating a moral instinct within one’s self.

How many times have we ever sat down and given a thought to all the blessings God has bestowed upon us, and how many times have we actually sat down to thank the Omnipotent rather than asking for more and more? It’s not just money, but social, psychological and physical problems a person faces in his/her daily life. It’s about helping other people and getting help if anyone ever needs it even if its a member of the club. The whole team is a de facto family, we start working on things within ourselves first and that is what we’re doing these days (trying to teach our fellow students how to use coffee cups).

If anyone is interested in joining the club or wants to be a rotarian/rotaract… look around and you`ll see someone to guide you!

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  1. Haris, nice intro to Rotaract TIP. Would like to add/ amend a couple of thoughts though… A Rotaract Club is a team formed with individuals from different backgrounds and fields of interest, except for a common binding of making oneself and people around them enjoy life mutually.

    So with many ways to satisfy this Aim – Community Service, Professional Development, and Fellowship through Service in broad terms.

    Second, highly appreciate the TIP CARE movement.

    Third, one becomes a Rotaractor of a Rotaract Club and a Rotarian of a Rotary Club. and usually joining Rotary is only through invitation. While individual interest in Rotaract can pave way to join a Rotaract club.
    Take care and regards to all.

  2. yaar nice worl harris n way 2 go but mind u that shouldnt building of self respect & character building b left on the individuals themselves?think about it;)

  3. yaar nice work harris n way 2 go but mind u that shouldnt building of self respect & character building b left on the individuals themselves?think about it;)

  4. well there are so many hunks in the tip ..
    i love hassan khalid
    and KK is so cute .. drop dead gorgeous is the word for him
    same is for hilal afridi
    god why u created so lovely men and hunks in TIP
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  5. Hi, Each Rotaractor
    This is Rtr. Andy from R.C of Ulhasnagar East
    Dist. 3140 (Bombay)
    M looking forward to have Project with ur Dist. and wanted any one of u to contact me Soon as posible plz Contact me on the same email address and waiting egarly for ur reply
    Thanking u

    urs in Rotaract
    Rtr. Andy

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