The Semester Schedule is available online!

How cool is that!


Whoa! Cool Man! Not only the time table but also the semester calendar, course allocation tables and student adviser lists are available for DOWNLOAD! We’re so excited we could just die!

It’s a welcome change. Something that’s gradually being implemented after the slaughter of ’04-’05. Quack! Has heard several students appreciate the newly hired qualified faculty. Qualification however, unfortunately does not ascertain quality.

The scenario is depicted well by the picture. We don’t have a white dove holding an olive branch in it’s beak so we’re making do with a pigeon. One day we hope to capture an actual dove. We’re certainly trying. Till then, this is a start!

There’s one thing that should never die. And that’s Hope.

4 Replies to “The Semester Schedule is available online!”

  1. and yes… i shall be the first to start off with stupid comments…!
    so yes furhan….. “what is this pigeon…?”

  2. Well one cant have all taht one wishes for…
    and by the way what would ‘a white dove with an olive barnch in its beak’depict??? pardon my imagination, cant capture the idea! dove—peace.. something like taht …:)

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