The Sheep Speak

Is it my imagination, or is the TIP administration getting more high-handed and unreasonable as time passes? Supposedly the most democratic institute in Pakistan, I’m beginning to believe that the democracy it speaks of is definitely of the Pakistani variety. That is, in name only. I’m also beginning to believe I’m back in school, where if I recall, the administration was nothing less than fascist.

Ok, so maybe I’m going too far, but what else can you call the move to disallow karachiites from using the hostel facility? Hel-lo…you built the institute smack in the middle of nowhere! It’s not mid-city like LUMS or IBA or Indus. Where do students go if they have extra work, or if they want to practice for tournaments or study more peacefully? The ride to and from TIP everyday means wasting 4 hours of our lives daily doing nothing. Which by the way means 20 hours every week, and I could honestly spend at least a quarter of that time doing something meaningful.

Moreover, living in the hostel gave us more strength of mind and character than anything else in TIP. For the first time we felt that we were going out into the world, able to make our own decisions about people, actions and feelings. If the admin thinks of us as adults (as Mr. Bandukda constantly states it does) then why doesn’t it trust us?

This decision seems to have been made without the least bit of consideration for the daily-commuting students, which make up most of the TIP student body. And that’s not all. The management is hell-bent on ruining the TISF events for us too. For the carnival we’d been given the ultimatum: No night stay. Say what?! Points leave at 11. What the…? And when do they arrive at Karachi… One o’clock? I don’t know about the rest of the female population of TIP, but walking on KDA ki Chowrangi (or wherever the point might happen to dump you) at one in the morning does not suit me, or my parents. I shall once again scream “HEL-LO?? You’ve built the campus in the goddamn middle of nowhere! This isn’t next door to the local ice-cream wala for us, you know. Let us stay at least one night!”

I can’t help wondering…what are the TIP bigwigs afraid of? That some of us will get high and trash the building? Or that a lecherous few will turn the hostel into a nightclub? Or maybe some people will start a terrorist organization… If our administration truly believes any of these theories, I guess I only have one bit of advice for them: Grow up.

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  1. This recent policy of NO STAY IN HOSTEL has links to a small event last semester ( butterfly effect).
    Jawwwad , a third year student complained to the hostel authorities about his issues with the resident scholars in hostels. Apparently he was failing in exams and had 0.6 GPA in the second hourly and was on probation for consecutive three semesters.This was all due to his love affair with a senior girl and instead of blaming himself for his failure , he decided to complain the TIP management about bad things happening to him in the TIP hostel.
    It’s a pity that we all have to suffer only because of one stupid person.

  2. Who gave u the right to disclose someone’s name and blame the entire thing on that person, especially when you, yourself don’t have enough guts to reveal ur identity?

    This was all due to his love affair with a senior girl

    That’s YOUR opinion. ‘Say’ that it’s your speculation. Did that person confess such a thing to you? or is this the frustration of your own loveless life that’s speaking out loud?

  3. Jawwad’s name is mentioned because we all are suffering from this person’s actions.
    Did you not read the above blog. I cant imagine my sisters of TIP walking on road at 1 pm and its all because of him that the hostel policy changed.

    And speculations and TIP go hand in hand.There is also a rumor that Jawad was expelled from the hostel and the reason was evidence of him in public displays of you-know-what.

  4. the girl wasnt failing her courses.She was in fourth year and she didnt needed any reason to explain her failure or anything.
    We need an explanation from the TIP administration for the Hostel Policy or else we have to rely on these speculations and rumors.

  5. umm…the article isn’t anonymous. i wrote it. i didnt think the name was necessary since theres already a ‘posted by hira saiyed’ at the bottom

  6. He’s talking about Butterflies, Benazirs and the like, and the slightly increasing instances of them blessing Quack thesedays by posting their comments…

    Though I don’t mind their visits as long as they are polite and offer valid opinions.

  7. So long as it encourages more people to write and contribute then let them be anonymous. There is a way to ensure that all comments are by people who register themselves with Quack, but IMHO it would add an unnessary hurdle requiring you to log in before commenting.

    There is an upside to being a registered commenter that people would think twice before they say something. The downside would be less dialogue. I think that anonymous commenters over time start using their real identity as those comments then carry a lot more weight.

    Sadly, many of our registered authors also choose to remain anonymous on some articles they write. I really down know why, because there has not been any serious backlash by the administration on the content. Except once. And not remaining anonymous also ensures that if the administration does decide to follow up, they would at least be able to get in touch with the author who can they work on fixing whatever issue they had.

    How do I know? Because its happened with me.

    And about democracy, we pretty much let all comments come through with two critera:

    1. Any comment personally attacking an individual or a group in an unbecoming manner is removed
    2. Foul language is edited out, though the rest of the comment stats the same

    Fortunately, there is very little of both cases. For example, the comment regarding Fawad and Faria stayed because what happened with them is news. Though I’d rather the author of those be far more subtle.

    So, unfortuantely we do have a lot of poor quality comments coming in, but in the spirit of “democracy” we let them stay. If only to encourage a dialogue.

  8. Although I see a lot of anger and discontent here, i see very few people taking action. What good are words when you don’t back them up with an action! (am i repeating myself?)
    Well what ever the case, I wonder how many of you will be willing to talk in front of the management when the time comes!
    How many of you will be willing to raise your voice when you’re asked to!
    I didn’t hear a single voice being raised when Ali Hafeez closed the video in the Auditorium and confronted the students.
    None of the juniors said a single thing even thought they had been ranting that they had given their consent.
    Makes you wonder…

  9. If personal attacks are to be removed then the butterfly’s comments should definately go regardless of them being news, rumor or gossip.

    So should some on other articles that compare particular members of the management with the Nazis.

    I strongly feel that anonymous comments that feature personal remarks in any form should be done away with. They are more hypocrisy than democracy.

  10. None of the juniors said a single thing even thought they had been ranting that they had given their consent.

    About the juniors giving their consent, are u sure all 150 of them gave the green signal?

    And Aasim, why do u feel anonymous posting is hypocritic?

  11. All those featured in the film gave their consent. Other then that since when has the media or news papers in any country ever given their consent of publishing pictures of people who are prominent (Or Under the lime light, as the current juniors are)??

  12. why the juniors only? why couldn’t one of the seniors stood up and asked the first years present to vote about wether they wanted the video played or not?
    the freshmen spend their first year at university scared that anything they might do might cause repercussions. Blaming them for not standing up is stupid. If the oh-so-mighty fourth years and third years can sit in the dark and pass crude comments, they can take a stand as well.

  13. hi i thinkwe r talking about dmocracy well i think it helds in tip under the dictatorship of the presidenmt as it is always been since itsssss factual that democracy always move under dictatorship like bush, blair and upto some extent musharraf but he is lioberal too

  14. itsssss factual that democracy always move under dictatorship like bush, blair and upto some extent musharraf but he is lioberal too

    Not that anyone here understood what u meant, but since you’ve used the word, ‘factual’, let’s see u present some facts 🙂

  15. no furhan i got no time to present facts infront of u its ur weak brain not to think over those words think hard….

  16. or maybe it’s your difficult English that prevents one from understanding half the things you say, and the baseless, senseless, moronic other half that you speak just for the heck of it. Word of advice, don’t post when u have no time to defend your trash.

  17. wow i m wondering that u r finding some thing wat well when ever there is a strict leader then he holds management its a general view thats how progressive conditions improve thats how we name a few of them dictator as president will be strict to hold events and routines but on the same end will be a democratic one so musharraf can be regard as my views can be zubair sahab better known to u

  18. ur words are as simple to me as it can be but think of those who r little known to vocabulary thats how my words are simple

  19. hahaha speaking of the freedom that is given to the students of tip is only limited tyo words,things like open door policy, freedom are nothing but just….. many events with many students ve occured where they were compelled to think that r they students of university or kindergarden, i think not only the students but the attiude of every one in tip has to change that incudes teachers admin, and student be it any matter.

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