The Super Thug

By Saad Saleem, TS1

Every campus has to have one of these. Raised in Jersey City, Edison or any Indian populated city in America, these guys do their best to replicate the style of a black man. Don’t get me wrong, every brown man wishes he had certain characteristics of a black man. OK that’s a wrong statement. Every brown man wishes he had one characteristic – a black man’s certain possession; everything else regarding a black man he doesn’t give a shit about. For black men, life is a big trade off. You’re blessed with big things but you also got the po-po’s on your bum. Getting back to our point, there are way too many desi guys acting like thugs.

It’s simple to identify super thugs:

If someone tried to clone Usher and in the process accidentally mixed his genes with a brown person (or a camel), you will result in the creation of the Super Thug. Super Thugs will always be dressed like whoever is the most popular hip-hop artist at the present (50 cent, Jay-Z, Game, you get the drill).

You will see them in nothing but hoodies, sweatpants and funky colored jeans that you can only find “downtown”. No matter what city they live in, the place to buy these jeans will always be “downtown”. However, unlike Usher None of these guys will ever wear a pair of hoodie and pants made of suede. Why? Because suede gets ruined when it rains. And thugs don’t carry an Umbrella, ella, ella, a, a.

Super Thugs have a very common trait – they all wear Timberland (or Timbs’ as you young kids say it). You will rarely see these guys out of their Timbs’. These guys will show up to gym class in those shoes. Or maybe they’ve worn these shoes for so long that it has some how been glued to their feet. Even though several years ago Timbs’ were all Thugs would rock, now they have a lot more varitey with brands such as Lugz and several others.

So take a look around our institute, and im sure TIPians are thugs too. Being a thug tho isnt that hard, we find thugs in second year sciences to fourth year sciences.

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  1. Since there aren’t many Furhans in TIP, I can safely assume the one above me is an impersonator and a fake. Thank you for wanting so desperately to be me, I feel flattered : P

  2. Mann!! The name is Saad Saleem =p Tho, I wrote sciences cause of the fact. Since i joined TIP I m hearing bad repu about Sciences =(

  3. Diz iz a lil out of topic but…Seriously….i have heard such bad thingzz abt the ppl in sciencez..wthr they r de 1st yrz,2nd yrzz,3rd or 4th ….!!! As everybody call them chipku…to be honest they are not dat bad after all..!!

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