The Water situation.

Have you ever seen those huge lizard looking creatures in TIP? They’re a prominent part of TIPs wildlife which btw also includes snakes,scorpions, atleast a dozen types of weird looking bees and the list goes on.


Anyways the point was, the aforementioned giant lizard creatures *called a goo or something in urdu* well one of them was found dead in a water tanker according to our sources.


And co incidentally at the same time, a lot of students, mostly the ones from hostel but some day scholars as well have been facing SEVERE diarrhea and everyone,aware of the situation aren’t even thinking about drinking water from the water coolers these days. Everyone is either bringing their own water or buying mineral water bottles from cafe and tuck shop. I know because i was *cough cough* one of the many victims until we figured out something was wrong with the water. A lot of poor souls were found drinking ORS and stuff to get their digestive system back on track. And the best*worst* thing is, the only way of checking whether the problem has been fixed or not we have is by asking the hostelites ‘oye pait sahi hogaya?’ If they say yes then tadaa problem solved but we’re actually still waiting for that to happen.The poor hostelites are forced to spend ALOT of money on water bottles buying them from hadeed and surviving on them. 


Now I’m NOT at all saying this problem has anything to do with the dead animal for all i know that might have been cleaned the moment they found it but the LEVEL of maintenance we currently have is quite obvious from this situation. *doob marne ka maqam hy …agar saaf pani miljaye tau*


Anyways this needs to be fixed soon because obviously, we can’t survive on mineral water bottles forever. So lets hope someone has or does take notice before we have another problem of overflowing toilets at our hands. *If You Know What I Mean*

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  1. Well yeah water issue is the one major issue these days not only for all Hostelites but yeah hum bhi TIPIANS hain. We definitely cannot blame our pait kharab wali cheez to that water but i have heard that animal thing too and hoping for clean water now. Baaqi tou Allah ka naam leke pee hi lete hain.

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