Thesis Hues

With anxious eyes set upon the ongoing thesis work of TDT4, time wonders if they will be able to present a grand presentation by the end of Spring ’09.

Let’s hope for the best, for this year’s themes sure sound interesting and quite challenging, some of which include, ‘Quentin Tarantino‘, ‘Lollywood‘, ‘Light‘, ‘Circuits and Microchips‘, ‘Radio Days‘, ‘Olympics‘, ‘Polynesian Tribes‘, ‘Morocco‘, ‘Cells‘, and ‘Recycling

Quack! brings to you some exclusive shots from inside TDT4’s design studio. Enjoy!

12 Replies to “Thesis Hues”

  1. i really appreciate da diverse choice of themes.
    and im hoping for an amazing outcome, *fingers crossed*!!!
    oh, its ok hina, ppl will get to see da real thing in live and den dey will be like WOW!

  2. Looks cool, hope you guys get Hired by the big shots immediately on the spot! 😛

  3. Though provoking theme and need of the day. U people must incorporate global political scenario as well. Zionism is the biggest political issue regarding “RACE”.

  4. just saw the link to quentin’s interview on youtube.

    quentin is a genius; kill bill a masterpiece!

    esp. the dialogues are so creamily delivered..nothing has EVER satisfied the bestial taste within me like the way kill bill did.

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