Think about why you are running…

Rahim Jindani, TS2

Today when I woke up and started studying for my hourlies I was still feeling my self too tired and this thought came to my mind what if I don’t study it; in simple words don’t revise all the stuff. Why am i sacrificing my nights and giving my self so much of pain when i have to end up the same way as a 2.2 GPA person would end in his professional life although I wont have to make too much efforts to climb the leader of success after wards but still we both would be the same.

I thought of some of my fellow companions and people around and came across that in reality it doesn’t matter what GPA you get its your work and your creativity in some fields that makes you succeed and if it really matters then the only difference it will create is that a low graded person would have to work for a very minimal wage for two years or so but afterwards it would be the same and hence I came to this conclusion that we all are running in life just to save our time. To save our efforts in life. We all hurry from day to day in our work rather then having strategic plans for our lives we make our plans short terms or most of the times there is not any sort of planning done before working out things. We wait for opportunities to come by and then we start knocking with all the forces and prayers that we have at the very end time so that the door just opens for us and luckily it does for the nation of 16 crore people in most cases.

We all need to work out on planning, we all need to give our self some time rather then just running to save our effort and time. We also need to have a balance in between or activities of life. We need to think and ponder about because for what we are running will never last for ever but what will last will be your thoughts.

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  1. Rahim…First of all,our efforts and time are the key things which are important…you can attain the position of a GM,for example in 5 years but on the other hand, your fellow student who has graduated with a 3.6 cumulative GPA will capture that position in 2 know what, TIME IS IMPORTANT and by studying hard and with a good Gpa,you obviously can go very fast as compared to a bad GPA one…

    Why are you so much sad and negative about your life?
    You are studying…keep studying…this will help you..not this time perhaps some time again…so please dont hurt yourself and dont stop working hard because I PERSONALY BELEIVE IN HARD WORK!

  2. Rameez, I think you’ve got it the other way round. A person with a high grade point average might get a better initial package but growth from that point onwards depends on performance in the field. That’s why it is very important to not just have education restricted to course material.

  3. Yah obviously, what I am saying is that if you have good will have good is not necessary but it is what we usually see…
    The only way to beat experience is your knowledge..and as far as the consistent growth in the industry is concerned…there is a famous quotation:

    So, it is a simple equation…

    good gpa= knowledge + experience

  4. well i expected these kinds of comments …. well my friends i wanted to make u all turn ur face towards another aspect of life .. i wanted to make u realize that all the time we are running for all this cant we just relax a bit and give a little bit of time to our families to our religon rather then being such subbtle people who r just going to get nothing after 4 yrs except for bookish knowledge until and unless u endevour to do turn the tables other way think abt it our time is short life is not to be there for ever we need to understand that we need to have a balance in our lives, and in my observation it comes to me that we all r loosing on it …….. so hav ur self think where ur time might be leading u… either to successess of greatness or to being a bookish man …. live and experience ur life with the watch from surroundings bcz everything that happens around has some thing to say too all of uss

  5. Good Rahim! Well once i raised this thing in front of Sir.Javed Mehmood and he just replied in a single sentence that “Gul Please don’t only focus on hard work also try to make it smart work in this way you will achieve your goal and smart work can be any thing” . Well, Good article.
    It’s not important to have this condition “GPA=knowledege+experience” it’s also about how you are delivering. You can get good GPA also by ratta i have seen such people who ratta all the notes and got A. Thing is only understanding and conveying your knowledge and experience. i think your overall personality and performance count in your job . Gpa plays a little part in getting Job. That’s all from my side 🙂

  6. Well..these are two extremes and you have to choose the moderate way…actually Rahim is very much dis-hearted and he is not willing to study hard,which is not a practical answer….

    It’s OK..if GPA doesn’t play an important role but you should not stop working hard and should continue striving for good grades…these are very important…

  7. wEll … i would say k its not the good GPA, or the bad GPA that matters in ur careers,there r ppl wid good GPA’s but they have failed in there professional fields and there are ppl wid bad GPA’s but they r successful or it can be vice versa , so its not only GPA that matters , it only ur attitude towards life , how u manage things n wats ur natural capablities, so i think thats the better way to think , n u mst not think k u should get good gpa’s becoz it does’nt matters in ur life , though still u should get on with life too :):)

  8. rahim a piece of advice, in life what ever you do make sure you enjoy doing it rather than spoiling it with seriousness, i dont know whether you enjoy studies or not but, studies is fun believe me that is if you do it with the intention of learning something rather than with the intention of just getting good marks in exams.

    i mean think for a second you are sitting in some group they start talking about chemistry for ts ppl like you its not a big deal don’t you think you yourself would feel good to talk about it since, you only have the most knowledge in dept as compare to some other person and where did that came from studies, education. therefore, we not only get good gpa for getting good job its the internal satisfaction you get after getting high gpa so that you can stand up your shoulder while telling your gpa to some one else rather than keeping your eyes down and say that my gpa is this.2.0 hahhaha

  9. Have read all the crap….. a good article by Rahim i would say… As for Rameez & Ahmed… I just want to say… u people r gettin rather personal on Rahim… that he’s dishearted…. giving him advices and all…. u shud be focusing on the topic rather than pointing people out… maybe u might be true in the sense that u know rahim personally as a classmate or what ever…. but here when u comment… your comment shud purely be on the ARTICLE itself…

    Well, i believe… Good GPA is not mandatory at all… but on the other hand, it aint sensible to just ignore it once n for all….. it should be considered as important… keeping in mind that u dont leave ur motive… which should be the proper understanding of the things u study and go through… Most of the firms or “Textile Mills” (to be specific) nowadays, usually give a weightage of 30% to the CGPA of a canditate applying for a job… this might give some help in giving a bit of an idea to all of us as to how much the GPA works in the feild… once u get in… get an experience of a few months… its all gone… the experience is what actually counts then… So…. be calm… think positive… and….. make life easy & enjoyable…..


    …. Zain

  10. aww…you people wrote so much ….so i’m just going to say that “heck of an article Rahim”…..and yes life is all about balance…

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