Think Again! Strategic Committee

Well it’s my last year, seeing the committee making the rightfully thought decisions to take TIP to another level of learning for the students.

Recently, a decision made by the committee has left me with a question, to the ability of the members in one of the top ranked committee playing its vital role in the fulfillment of TIP’s new vision.

New TISF Faculty coordinator, everyone at TIP knows the way he works, self-centered, autocratic decisions, biased approvals and more importantly a One Man Show!

Whereas, being a former member of student forum, what I learned is that it’s a forum where you learn team work, improvement with collective wisdom and the right way of doing things in a system.

My question to the members of the Strategic Committee is, “What do you want students to learn out of this and have you put the right person on the lead to improve the quality of learning provided by the institute, even if it’s about running TISF?”

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