Thoughts to ponD!er upon

By Ahsan Aqil

For years I just kept on reading these posts on quack and observed a lot of things and replied to quite a few posts but the reason I am writing this article is that recently I went to a friend of mine and showed him this quack! He was taken aback by the kind of attitude my uni mates had. His words somehow have inspired me to write this article that progress is only possible through mutual understanding and cooperation and that is what we lack, we including me keep on criticizing instead of being optimistic about things.

We were taunted with many words e.g drag queens, demented and semi civilized although this had simply no affect on us but when some outsider sees these kinds of words it feels kind of awkward. Those who call us semi civilized should think at what they have done and why should they should be called semi civilized cause they kept on blabbering all the time ” bolney key ilawa aur kuch nahi kartey aur apney aap ko civilized kehtey hain”. And for those who used the D! Words quite often should see at what they have done no achievements and have even graduated from the uni but still haven’t completed their so called dream project their magazine that is their responsibility to get all the finances and should not make excuses.

2 years ago when we formed D! There was a lot of objection on it and no one supported it whole heartedly. Our work during the last 2 years was a mix bag we had ups and downs and I accept that some of our work was not up to mark but at least we tried and that helped us to improve our performance. People just kept on criticizing and no one appreciated or even participated in any form. An example of this is that recently concluded carnival where I was assigned the stall related matters and I had a tough time trying to persuade my batch mates to participate in something and although they participated but it looked like I was trying to persuade them for my reasons whereas it was a university event and it is clearly visible that the event went so well because of everybody’s participation.

Now let me tell to all of those people who think D! Has done nothing since the last 2 years. We have participated in all the departments of TIP including music, sports, elections, drama festival and apart from these activities we represented TIP at the drama festival and bagged second position and to make things more clear to ppl this drama was conceived by the same person Osama Amin and his companions TS3 whose other works were highly criticized and never appreciated and I also want to congratulate Osama and his team for their outstanding achievement.

In a nut shell my whole purpose of writing this article is not to criticize anyone but to tell people that positive or constructive critism is good but to criticize anyone on all his works is simply not acceptable and after reading this article myself I realized that ” mein to khud criticism karney lag gaya ….:)” Hopefully I expect that all of the people understand their social duties and responsibilities because it is we the people who would do it and no one else would come and do our work 4 us.

D! (Peace)
Ahsan Aqil

13 Replies to “Thoughts to ponD!er upon”

  1. Institutional pride is something we should all inculcate.Keeping aside the catfights , the blamegames and the phaddas ,the D! VS Arsalan fight . i think we all love TIP and D!s and Arsalan

  2. Ahsan it seems that you have taken this very minor criticism very seriously. You tell me..How many of the students has objections over this drama?….not more than 10%..most of the students liked and appreciated the is not like that, you have misunderstood the things.Moreover everybody has the right to Quack! his/her D!verse thoughts and everybody has the right to critisicize, so stay relaxed and dont take these criticisms very seriously..(a little bit of advice)

  3. @rameez…i think u hve completely misunderstood wht the whole arictle iz all about..the main rationale of ths article iz to realize eveyone abt their social responsibilities

  4. just apreciate the good work and try help out ppl rather then playing cardss ppl u wont get a life by that

  5. what i think i hav seen this quack then what ur inspration would be..keep on writing or graduates must be given the opportunity…any how ur article got my views as well.

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