TIP: An icon or an unheard entity/institute

By Zain ul Abdin, TMM-4

Well, here I am finally trying to do something (which I guess may be lucky enough to be looked into), after staying super free for two months, doing nothing at all other than just counting on days one after another!! I’m not unhappy about how the time is passing by, infact I think its totally fine with me for I’ve been listening to one of our teacher’s advice after all, which was: ” These are your last vacations, & perhaps you’ll probably not get any of these again in your life once you graduate, so why not spend sometime at home, sit back and relax!” That’s exactly what I’ve done this summer, or maybe I was made to do this, as all of my plans went the other way, & I had to find out a way to satisfy myself.

But, what I had planned out this summer was totally different. Having left one year of my undergraduate studies, I had planned to visit the industry as an internee just like all my other mates… the only difference was that I wanted to visit some place other than the textile industry (since I’m a marketing & management student after all & I have been visiting several textile mills in the previous years too). And that’s where the story begins… I had applied to… a very well renowned company of Pakistan I should say, for the summer internship in their marketing department. At the start it all went fine… I, quite easily got plenty of the “internship placement” letters from the internship office and appeared in the internship test of the company, did well in the test, as it was not so hard & then, was called for the interview just few days after the annual dinner. The General Manager of that company personally took the interview in groups as the internees were in some good numbers… and when our group (the one I was in) turned up to him, what he needed to ask from us first, was a simple piece of information before starting the interview: the institute name & the CGPA. Upon, my turn & after listening the name of the “Textile Institute of Pakistan”, the GM almost went clueless, as if he had just discovered something which he definitely had never heard of, & I, having the same old feeling and screaming inside of me…. Ahhh NOT again!! Will I have to explain all the “features” of my university all over again?!

Furthermore, I was scared out of my wits up by a few questions to make things even worse… what is this place? Is this a small institute or a university or what? Is it recognized by the Higher Education Commission? Do you people have any GPA or a percentage system? And by the way where is this located? (During this time he marked a big question mark on the paper where my name & the institute name was written) Poor me… an interview before an interview! Huh… I did confront him to defend myself & ofcourse my institute in return with the best answers my mind could fetch… however, the interview went fine, but it didn’t appear to be fruitful enough, as I was just never called back, although the GM told us about their fair policy of preferring different candidates from different universities in the end, and according to this statement I did fit in there, however I couldn’t… or probably they didn’t let me in. And that was not the only place I went to… I did go to a bank too & got a similar response, despite the fact they did encourage me for the confidence and presentation skills (thanks to TIP), however they just didn’t recognize the institute and perhaps they too didn’t have that image of TIP as good as they had of the other (well-known) universities, resulting in leaving me to decide for the much needed and the only convenient option, which was to just sit back at home and relax, nevertheless…

I’m not done yet though, nor am I hopeless in anyway, but what I really wish is… a well known & well recognized “TIP”… not just a word of mouth thing. TIP means a lot to me, I found it really great to be here at this huge, lush green, fabulous campus with a friendly environment, including better faculty & programs as well & yes, how can I forget the hostel!!! It does bring smiles for me… However, on the other side, what recognition do we get? It’s not just about staying within the boundary walls of the textile industry… TIP needs to be recognized by the outside people as well… Not going too far… even this year there was the same old boring rather wretched ad only in a few newspapers in a small corner for the admissions 2009 and that too only on weekends! This doesn’t work out any more, as the textile industry is already deteriorating world wide, there is indeed a need of a well known and a well recognized TIP to appeal the outer world…

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  1. You know… you sound almost like me

    “Is it recognized by the Higher Education Commission?”
    This was exactly the same question I was asked by a rep from the University of East London this summer when I was applying for post-grad studies. And all I could say was… “I guess…”

  2. Don’t you just hate it when people who have heard of it remotely call it tips!!! :S

    Like we’re some institute that hands out good advice!!!

  3. An institution is known by the products that it produces!!!

    I am 100% sure that as far as textile field is concerned there is loads of TIP’s respect and recognition. And for the rest of the industries you people should prove yourself worthwhile rather than cursing the lack of advertisement from TIP. Advertisement had remained same since the beginning (rather getting better day by day). But you can see that the initial batches got over-whelming response from the textile industry and I know a quite a few working in banks and other institutions as well.

    So, in my opinion, its you who can introduce TIP in new places by setting examples. As far as “recognized by HEC” is concerned, you MUST be aware that TIP is a degree awarding institution, fully recognized and endorsed by HEC* and always get one of the top most positions in the HEC’s ranking. So, don’t feel embarrassed and say it LOUD….

    so, try to see half glass full rather than half glass empty 😀


  4. An institution is known by the products that it produces

    ? ? ?
    wow wow..we are talking about an educational institute..not a shoe makin factry..

  5. Ali bhai, u just stole it from my mouth!! 😀

    While i was waiting for my interview along with the other students… only one student among the whole group recognized TIP with the name tips… and i was like… 10 andhon mein ek kaana hi sahi!!!

    @ Sir Naveed: with all respect… Sir as far as the “textile industry” is concerened… I agree…
    but from a marketer’s perspective I wont agree…

    Sir, I myself tried to persuade a few of my cousins & friends to come to TIP this year & the last as well… but u know what… none of them wanted to come here just because they’ve never heard of it…
    TIP is unique in the sense k aik acha khasa institute hai jis ko koi janta tak nahi…

    How would u get quality students when every one runs for the “well-known” ones??
    u have to select about a hundred students every year from only 200 or lets say 300 only that appear in the test!!!

    i think the TIP management needs to change their mind set i.e. to work out for its awareness among the masses not just within the “textile industry”…

    and after all… aakhir nuksaan hi kya hai TIP ki awarness barhanay mein??!!! atleast listen to us once PLEASE!

  6. and yes… with all respect… TIP is the only institute asking their students to introduce it among people and the business community…

    Studying at the 2nd most expensive institute of the city… u still have to advertise it!! i remember one of our faculty members messaged me to spread the word!
    why do we need to spread the word when the “textile industry” already knows it so well!! 😀

  7. Zain , you are a stain on TIP’s reputation. If this is the level of English language that you can communicate than I wouldnt send my child to TIP.

  8. By the way… for those of you who don’t know, TIP also had an advertisment campaign running oN City FM 89 this summer. I never got to hear it, but one of my brother’s friend did… and he just couldn’t stop making fun of it!

  9. @ arsalan
    yes there was and it was abysmal.. it went with a tag line saying TIP “inform everyone”..lmao

  10. @SARIAL

    Google and free dictionaries are only a mouse click away these days, you know.

    prod-uct [prod-uhkt, -uhkt]

    1. a thing produced by labor: products of farm and factory; the product of his thought.
    2. a person or thing produced by or resulting from a process, as a natural, social, or historical one; result: He is a product of his time.
    3. the totality of goods or services that a company makes available; output: a decrease in product during the past year.
    4. Chemistry. a substance obtained from another substance through chemical change.
    5. Mathematics.
    a. the result obtained by multiplying two or more quantities together.
    b. intersection (def. 3a).


    @Ikram Sehgul

    Shouldn’t u rather care about the quality of professional content taught to your child in a professional school instead of English grammar basics that your child should have adequately learnt back in primary school?

    Trust me, I’ve come across IoBM, IBA and foreign graduates with English so pathetic Zain could actually teach them a thing or two! (Not that I’m advocating or degrading anyone here.)

    Oh, btw, you missed out a punctuation there yourself. 😉

  11. *@ Ikram Sehgul*

    u did get the message didn’t u?
    u know that’s the main problem with us, just digressing people’s attention from what is being actually discussed!

    *@ Furhan*
    thanks bro. 🙂

  12. Farhan… u r always logically right…

    Zain…. meri jaan, thx for putting my thoughts…

    Sir NJ.. sir i do agree with your notion and this is the only reason..which helps us breathe in TIP.

    TIP MANAGEMENT: Listen to us (the student) not by showing that u r there 4 us… but by understanding our emotions…

    With all respects and regards.

    Waqas bin Azhar
    TMM – 4
    Proud to be TIPIAN 🙂

  13. Soon there will be good news for you people. TIP finally has a marketing person to head it in a new direction.

  14. This does not mean that it was run by incompetent people, but the marketing side was really weak.

  15. I would say, perhaps.. the article was very well written and the message was clearly heard and understood; how ever the comprehension of TIP as an institute is still not well conceived by the writer and many of the students.

    TIP is among those institutes where course outlines are specialized to a certain subject. The name says it all; It’s a Textile school! so not every tom dick and harry, graduate from IBA LUMs OR CBM would be knowing about it.

    I feel sad and I should, for the General Manager of this famous company; that he doesnt know who is supplying the battery for survival to the Pakistan’s Largest manufacturing sector during this hour of global recession.

    He is naive to the fact that while his company’s market share would be lowering down due to the -ve econimic activities; some of his production houses might also be on the verge of coming to a halt; It is the graduates of institutes like TIP, ITTM, NED, NTU and other *small un recognized* institutes who are still sharing the burden of the 65% of the country’s total exports and maintaining it.

    Textiles is the only completely finished item we are xporting in shape of garments and Home Textiles. It is primarily TIP graduates who are marketing it despite of the fact this nation is considered a terrorist in the eyes of the blind world; cornered due to application of biased/reason-less import duties and wrongly labelled as a “cheap” quality producer. There is no level playing ground for the TIP “Products” but still the result is far better by these “Bachelors” compared to the “masters” of the star studded institutes.

    I am also amazed what presentation skills you are talking about and thanking of to TIP; while in the end your story indicates you preferred to shy away;sat back home idle with your tail between your legs; traumatized by unknown General Manager of a well known company!

    Alhumdulilah, Myself and many of my fellow batchmates and many more of the other Texperts were taught to have a fighting spirit and we feel happy in having them in us!


    Kashif Abbasi

  16. @ Sir Saif:

    thank you Sir, I think this was much much needed!

    @ Kashif Bhai:

    with all respect, first of all, I really thank you that you shared your comments here, but I feel it necessary to clarify a bit here. First thing, I never said that TIP is a small institute or it is not recognized by the HEC, my message here was simple and clear that, despite TIP being one of the best textile institutes of the country, it is still not recognized by the common people, or the outside business community (the allied industries), in that way as it should have been. I just wanted to give this message here, that they should create its awareness among the masses, so as to ensure that people really know that there IS an institute in their very own city, or perhaps in their country, with a very good reputation in the largest sector of our economy!

    That’s the only reason I was being left out, NOT because of the lack of my abilities (not that I’m trying to prove myself a genius here), after all it was just an internship NOT a job interview, and I wonder, had it been a job interview, would they have even let me in?!

    Secondly, I sit back at home NOT because of this at all, it was my own decision, and I never got shy in front of that GM, I did confront him, but you know the institute speaks for itself, it doesn’t require any introduction whatsoever! the GM did like my views, but there was a kind of a weightage for the institute as well, if not on the papers, atleast it was there on their minds for sure!

    Some of our teachers and a few of our old texperts claim that there are graduates who have been selected into banks and other places outside the textile industry. Very true, but that was sometime before this recession that they did get selected and ofcourse, I don’t have any doubts on their abilities as well. But that old strategy of TIP, not marketing it well on time, (as perhaps there was no such recession in the previous years), this created an anonymity for TIP which might have not mattered at that time, but it has been showing its results lately.

    And yes, there have been several discussions on this matter in the TISF slot, alongside with Dr. Zubair’s presence. However, only a few, rather “successful” texperts were invited, who were of the same view as the TIP management has always been, i.e. you should prove yourself out there!

    My cousin himself is a texpert, he doesn’t agree with this notion, and so do the MAJORITY of others!

    Working hard, no doubt is our part, but it should be understood that this working hard of our’s has NOTHING to do with TIP’s marketing at all!

    Let TIP do its part and I assure you, we won’t ever prove to be a “stain” on TIP’s reputation InshaAllah!

  17. The best marketeers for any institute are the students themselves and then comes the faculty, course out-line and advertisment promotions.

    In the early years of this decade till 2005 (the time when I used to search for vacancies in the news papaers); every (read as 90%) Textile merchandising job vacancies had a small closing line “graduates of TIP LUMS and IBA preferred! what proof else, one requires for its public acceptance in the institute’s targetted sector?

    Heres my personal expeience:

    I received my first job in the mid of May 03 while I was still to appear for my final Examinations in June. The job was applied through a Fax message received in campus from Sapphire Mills looking for a list of fresh graduates interested in working in Lahore! who told this organization in Punjab that there stands an institute in Khi churning out quality textile professionals. Not to forget NTU in faisalabad with a history of more than 50 years was still functioning.

    Before I resigned,had another job in hand in Karachi from Alabid and prior to my resignition from there; I had said yes to Al-Karam for joining them!

    When I joined Alkaram; only one texpert who was also a fresh graduate was working; today we have well over 14 individuals only in the marketing department make a strength of more than 40% of the total population.

    In 2006 Alabid had 20 fresh graduates hired as merchandisers which is a record by any organization.

    Lets recap my academic performance as well; my CGPA was 2.10 with 2 Fs and 3 Probations with the last 2 coming in the final two semesters!

    Today I am happy, contended and well placed alhumdulillah *because* my prequels had created a market for the sequels to come. I was accepted not because of my academic performance but because of the impression my seniors had left in the market.

    i might be wrong in giving you exact figures but I am close to precision below

    when we joined TIP, there were only 3 females studying already and 7 joined with our batch; 5 of them wanted to be designers.

    the total strength of TIP stood not more than 150 students then in 1999

    the batch of 2001 had only 11 students graduating !

    class of 2004 designers was only based on 5 individuals

    PLease help me in counting the strength of today as you know it better.

    Its all because of Marketing, by TIP; by Texperts.

    It took more than 55 years of an institute like IBA to be where it is. The marketing is being done by their graduates!

    And what good is IBA doing if its credited to be churning out the best? after all its intaking the cream as well! same is now with CBM and LUMS.

    yes, one issue which I find now with TIP and its declining image is the quality faculty which is detoriating every year and is a source of concern!

  18. The faculty is not as bad as you think it is, Kashif. We were taught business courses by some excellent teachers who were simultaneously teaching in IBA, SZABIST and other top notch business colleges. Similarly, the apparel graduates have been taught by faculty specially brought in from abroad, BSc. students by big names in the industry and the same goes for design students. Yes faculty retention is an issue for TIP because the campus is located far away. Anyways, the point being, there’s always a mixture, the excellent, the good and the not so good.

    For people who think that most TIP graduates aren’t well compensated in the industry, it’s not because of TIP. It’s because the textile industry on the whole is a pathetic employer (save some exceptions), especially for people who have spent less than 10 years in the field. For all those exceptions who think they did exceptionally well, good for you, you were in the right place at the right time with the right opportunity – and yes, you were competent as well, like many others. And it’s not just the textile industry, but every company that’s run by arrogant, self centered noveau riche bureaucratic minded seths.

  19. Thanks Gulrukh.

    Have heard a news just a few moments ago, thought to share it with you guys.
    TIP has only 37 confirmed freshmen this year in all the four departments! (a friend told me)

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