TIP Cooking Competition, Comments by Faculty

It is very heartening that the work of students has been appreciated. Whatever good there was in the project was because of the students themselves. My basic objectives of the project assignment are:

1. To provide an opportunity to the students to apply the basic concepts of management.

2. To develop leadership abilities in them. As all the students cannot become leaders, yet they can become good followers by understanding the systems.

3. A successful project is not my target as people learn more by failure. The main idea is for them to understand whatwe nt wrong and how it could have been planned and/or executed better. This year, for example, they learned about the chain of command.

I acknowledge the support of all the faculty and staff for the successful execution of these projects, some of them are yet to take place. The positive role played by Saira Danish, Ali Hafeez, Seema Jilani, and Mohsin Raza is specially appreciated.

Saifuddin Kamran
Asst. Professor
Textile Institute of Pakistan

Dear Students concerned with the Subject Event:

I would like to formally appreciate you for putting up a wonderful event, subject wise and implementation wise and Tummy wise!!!

Best wishes,

Ali Hafeez

Dear Saif,

Heartiest congratulations to the management students for putting up such great events at TIP. Unfortunately i was not able to attend all of them but the one that I did attend today was a wonderful experience; i must add here that I got rave reviews from our design faculty and students alike who attended all the events spread over November by the management students.

Since i attended the cooking competition i would like to put in a word of appreciation for all its organizers; the event was very well managed and was a great way of bringing all students on one platform. The food was scrumptious, the participants displayed great sportmanship and the judges got to taste finger licking yummy food that was presented.

On behalf of the design department I would like to congratulate all management students involved in these events. Kudos!

Warm Wishes,
Saira Danish Ahmed
Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator,
Textile Design Program
Textile Institute of Pakistan (TIP)

Indeed ….. and let me add my observations ….great planning and execution….the finger licking yummy bit i don’t know coz it was all finished by the time i got there the  second time round!! I liked the planning and execution  which expounded the principles of project management

  • Concept development , i believe it emerged in a casual conversation in the point !!! So great ideas can come from any where
  • Resourcing a project, the organizer arranged for sponsorship to fund it all, got all materials and equipment
  • Enthuse the stakeholders, students were invited by appropriate means of communication to participate in a compelling manner and they participated heart and soul
  • Execution, was all well planned becoz tables, materials, facilities etc were all present in time and appropriate
  • Review, judges were present to judge and finalise
  • Reward, the best was recognized and certificates awarded to the  lasagna team (I hope i spelt it right, though something tells me i have not !)

I hope u enjoyed and learnt from the exercise


Tariq Ikram

Dear Saif

It is my pleasure to judge the cooking competition organized by your students. The event was very well managed and disciplined. All the foods were cooked well and were really very tasty. I enjoyed the event and appreciate the efforts of the students.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your significant contribution and the assistance that you extended to the students.

With best wishes

Seema Jilani

Thanks for such a wonderful response. We thank you all our faculty members Ms Seema Jilani, Ms Saira Danish (Specially for coming  as she had that day off), Sir Saifuddin Kamran, Sir Ali Hafeez, Sir Mohsin Raza and most importantly our president Mr Tariq Ikram for being there, and my special thanks to all those who participated (because we didn’t had any idea how to cook :p), who ever I have missed, Thank you all…

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  1. These kind of activities where faculty and students can take part together and interact outside the class room creates a better and conducive learning environment.
    Although missed that opportunity, but I did see the photos of the occasion on facebook. I appreciate these kind of events and ideas. And willing to see more in the future. Specially when I’ll be there to participate.
    cong. to SFK and others who organized this event.

  2. Thanks for appreciating our work.Specially our President Mr.Tariq Ikram, Ms Saira Danish Ahmed, Ms Seema Jilani, Sir Saifuddin Kamran, Sir Ali Hafeez & Sir Mohsin Raza.
    Thank You all.

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