TIP Love Phenomenon

Different people take love in a different meaning. In Urdu terminology, love is of two types:

  1. One is love with the God called mobahat haqiqi,
  2. and second love is with someone else other then God called mobhanat majahzi

It maybe with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your children, your family members or may be with your girlfriend. This phenomenon is very common in my age group and also in our Institute. From first year to fourth year, we can get a lot of examples (I am not giving any example myself). Some found their love very soon (might be in first year or maybe at their very first day at TIP), some found love in later years, and some didn’t find love even after three to four years. They are now saying “Challay be aao kay chaman ka karobar chalay.
Here I am not concerned about how much these love birds are sincere with each other. In every function, Basant Festival, Farewell Dinner, BBQ Night or any other, we have a separate stall for the dedication of those who found their loves.

Because everyone is invited, you can get a rough idea about the popularity of this phenomenon that the management of such stalls is never found crying that they are in lost or “Loog too hamaray stall par attay hi nai!” They always get a big profit and are found enjoying a great party with that profit and the enjoyment that got there can not be explained in words.

By Raghib Ali Khan (TS3A).

2 Replies to “TIP Love Phenomenon”

  1. Ali(Raghib Ali/Ali Raza)
    Edit yr post, its “Ishq-e-Haqeqi” and “Ishq-e-Mijazi”.

    Not the other way round!

  2. well mr. ali u have just write ur story coz ur still saying chalay aoo ab kai karoobar chalay .well any ways good article.

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