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Who is the founder of TIP Masala? Everyone was curious to know, and now you can find out! Just hover your mouse over “tipmasala” at the end of this article and it will show the name of its founder! Zor ka Jhatka Dheerey sey Laga? Shocked? TIP Masala on Quack! Online? How come? But that is the way we are, and here we go.

The fall semester 2003 was about to begin, the senior students were curious to rag freshmen. TISF, no not TISF, actually Saboor and Irfan were thinking to impress the freshmen (new hostel residents basically), Quack! was about to launch, everything was going pretty good for the TISF… but suddenly tipmasala.tk was uploaded which had all the matter against TISF.

Those skinny guys from TISF were dying and crying, went to Ali Hafeez and Shujaat Alavi, and even threatened several people, because they wanted to know about the owner of this site. But all in vain. How could they find about a site which was re-directed by a free domain, based on a free server. BEYCHAREY.

But does anybody know why this TIP Masala was created? Why the forces behind this site were writing against the new TISF? Because some of the members of this TISF did not deserve those posts. They won just for the sake of fame and money. Oh yes, how could they benefit the hostel residents without winning the posts of President and General Secretary?

Let us have a look at the previous election. Abdul Saboor won the post of President, because people thought that he really worked for TIP. We do not know he did or not but the thing is that he could not work like the previous President, Shoaib Ilyas. Same goes for Irfan Baloch. Shaking hands warmly or greeting in a nice manner does not indicate that the guy is eligible for any post. The thing that matters is that how much that person wroked in the past. Arranging a concert just the week before elections, or working hard at the end moment just for the sake of winning a post sounds really cheap.

We are not here to support any special person but to support TIP. We want some good people to come up, the people who have got some guts, who can entertain the other Tipians. Please do not vote for emotional people, who sound really enthusiastic, who claim that they would make a cricket stadium in TIP, but could not fix a single problem. Case in point, instead of solving problems one guy fell into a problem known as love. Being Sports Secretary, he really played a game with that girl. Oh yes we obviously mean Arafat Tahir here.

As far as a General Secretary is concerned, go for the guy who is really confident, because confidence is the thing that matters most. Do not vote anyone who can not even properly talk. And most of all, we would recommend not to vote for any hostel resident because there are many reasons, one of them is that they are here to study, far away from their homes to complete thier studies. Therefore arranging programs and managing different events would be a great problem for them.

Waiting for your comments, specially from those who disagree with our advice and opinion.

If you want to see the list our selected candidates, just visit our site tipmasala.tk

Update: TIP Masala no longer exists.

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  1. u r wrong in case of shoaib ilyas, every one knows that he had done nothing for TIP & TISF during/before his presidency, he was taken up just to have a one candidate from hostel and nothing else because hostelites didn’t like to vote 4 bilal merchant dats y !! my dear bloody junior

  2. A formation of a platform where all those social issues can be discussed which people are shy or may be afraid to talk about in TIP…well done

  3. Kool, nice to hear from you DEPP, You know what? You have proved that TIP Masala has really worked … 🙂 And I am sure you are not a Texpert. Even if you are, it does not matter at all.

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