TIP on the Internet

h4. Yahoo! Groups

The official TIP Yahoo! Group. Frequent activity by students and alumni, 137 members, almost 500 messages. Needs be be moderated better.

A Texperts Link set up by a first year student. Shame on you seniors. 46 members, frequent activity by Texperts. Is building a Texperts database. Most successful attempt at Texperts Link so far. We should all help out. Group owner, Mazhar Moosani.

Textile Science class of 2006. 36 members, with comprehensive information on most (collected in a database). Sporadic mails, mostly junk. Owned by Talib Raza.


A Textile Science (TS3A) class of 2005 group. Only course work related mailings.

And another Class of 2006 group. Only three members, no activity. Group owner, Talib Raza.

h4. Websites

TIP’s official website. See separate article for review.

Originally intended to be TIP’s official website, a website on TIP is online at Geocites. It was setup in 1998 by Syed Ali Mohsin Rizvi and Muhammed Yasin.

TIP Masala
Little content, with only three items online, but it’s assumed they’re active, as the latest item refers to a recent article in Quack! Read our full review.

Texperts.org. No content.

Quack, the TIP Weekly
The independent student newspaper of the Textile Institute of Pakistan. Published every week under the domain of the TISF.

h4. IRC

#tipians on Dalnet.

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  1. This listing is a work in progress. If any one knows of any, of build anything related to TIP on the web, do post it here.

  2. Abid bhai, The matter available on my group sciences2002 is quite assistive to all the members of sciences2002. Secondly, some females are also a part of this group, so chance of JUNK is 0%, Please have a look on it with open eyes.

  3. Talib, with most e-mails along the lines of WAT girls THINK ABT boys?!?!?!, they do constitute of junk. I didn’t see any e-mails being assistive besides providing a little laugh. However, I am most impressed with the database you have there.

  4. ****** i haven’t find any body on the mirc so just what the idea of making a channel so ???????????****

  5. Sirs,
    I am working in textile mills( Lawrence pur Woolen and textile mills)
    .I have experience in maintenance & production of weaving shed. I am a graduate in economics . I am facing hurdles in my career due to non qualified in textiles. Can i take any course in ur institue to enhance my career.If your institute do not offer this kind of courses then , please guide me from where, I may take this kind of courses in weaving .
    I will be obliged by your guaidence.

    Best Regars
    Sajjad Haider

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