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  1. yes…. maybe someone should consider rewriting the faculty list……!
    oh but still…. i think its cool…..! 😉

  2. Hmm. On 10th September 2006 someone added the text from the website, and then spent the next few days fine tuning it, to be more current than the text on TIP’s own website. Probably someone from the faculty or administration. The link to Quack was added by me in May 2006.

  3. I did not put it up on wiki, but there was lots of outdated bs…..so I fixed what I could, one or two days back. The way they boasted their 300kpbs internet connection was way too embarrassingly pathetic so I deleted it..added names of new faculty members, deleted the old ones…

  4. OHH Arsalan!!! EVn u can Edit or write ArTIcles On WiKIPedia…so thres nothin authentic OvA der…gOt it???CheErs;)

  5. hmmmm…. waisay yaaa waqas has a point….. but still…. kaunsa khwaar baith kar kharab kare ga….. 😀

  6. furhan apnai aap ko jal wala furhan na samajhna main tumhari bahen laikar to nahin bhaga khair do u know asim

  7. lol…. no furhan i never iplied that u uploaded nething negative….. though someone over here does seem to have an issue with you…..:P…. iss banday ko masla kya hai sab se…..

  8. Faiz, ager aapke ghar mei aapke parents nay aapko kissi ki ma behn ki respect karna nahi sikhaya, aur ghar mei aap ek duusre k sath mother sister kheltay rehte ho, tau zaroori nahi k yeh proud tradition har family mei appreciate ki jati ho.

    Ziadatar families mei ma behn ki boht respect ki jati hai lekin ager aapke ghar mei nahi hoti tau we should not talk about family traditions and what all ur parents taught u, because its personal na.

    Just tell me why u abused me again when I didn’t even talk to u ? 🙂

  9. Well it was me who copied from the website and pasted it on wikipedia.

    Did that to let the people know about TIP. I didnt know who has left from the faculty and who has entered as a new faculty member as I am now not in touch.

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