TIP Sports Go One Further for Upcoming HEC Tournament

TIP will be participating in cricket, football and basketball. The basketball tournament is on Saturday, 5th March, at the Karachi Port Trust Complex. The football tournament will be at Jamshoro, and we’re still waiting for our sports editor to fill in the other details.

A friendly cricket match was played between match Arafat’s team vs. Salman’s team preparation for the HEC tournament.

Harris Dewan LBW on the first ball, which he claims was an unfair decision. Hammad Mehmmod after surviing a clear caught behind, managed to score 36 and then was bowled out. The match took a prayer break, and half the players then did not show up, resulting in a victory for Arafat’s team.

Salman Hussain is the captain for the cricket team, and Arafat Tahir for the football team, and Zain Hussan for the basketball team. The captains are working with Ali Hafeez Azmat, TISF Coordinator, to arrange for kits and uniforms.