TIP: Terrifying Institute of Pakistan

From what had been a scarred and patchy semester, it seems that the TIP administration is trying its extreme best to make things from bad to worse for the current student body. Since the month of September, 3 students have been suspended for the entire semester on the grounds of ragging a first year student. They were from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year; all of the acclaimed seniors. And today, the 19th of November, a 4th student was accused of the same crime and asked to vacate the premises immediately.

The crime committed was indeed a bit severe. But the majority of the male population here doesn’t really consider it to be that serious as the saying goes, “ye to sab ke saath hota hai.” The saying does not justify the crime but the act continues to be a tradition.

Its ironic how such drastic and career-affecting decisions have been made after carefully analysing “credible evidences”… when the accused first year never went up to complain in the first place! Doesn’t the accused have to file a complain in order for action to be taken? I guess they made an amendment in the law that we may be unaware of. The complain was lodged by another first year student, who had escaped the crime scene so that he does not get ragged.

It is my final year here and I have never witnessed ANY action being taken against a ragging complain, which have been filed every year. In the previous academic year, a fight broke out amongst two groups of students but hey, they lived happily ever after. But wait for the best part! A 2nd year design male student had been suspended earlier this semester for verbally ragging a freshy girl… but 2 weeks later we saw him roaming the corridors of this glorious institute again. Yes folks, I know you all are stuck on the ‘D’ word you read in the last sentence. But fortunately, or unfortunately, the ‘D’ student has made his return while the other poor souls wonder why they never chose that department.

What’s even  more surprising is that people present at the crime scene are ready to swear that some of the students who got suspended where not involved in any way, especially the most recent one. Even the accused firsty admits to that! But then again, the DC have their “credible evidences” which stand resolute to that extent that they may not be challenged.

When questioned, the DC members stated that it is not their will to send students out. “Humein showk nahee hai suspend karnay ka,” they said. It is according to the evidences they gathered that all these students are worthy of the infamous blame.

My conclusion comes in 2 parts. Either the DC members lack the skills of evidence gathering and they were hasty in their decision. Or the more understandable reason, that all or some of the unlucky students were framed for crimes they never committed to save the real culprits. I had the opportunity to be debriefed by the DC once about how they conduct their research, so it is hard to settle on the 1st conclusion. But if the 2nd conclusion fits best, should be grow up to believe that evil always wins?

These are pressing times at TIP. The students are restless. The students are angered. The students… have questions which they need answered.

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  1. Such harsh actions doesn’t make sense anymore. If they are so much concerned about these acts, they should have taken action before it became tradition. THIS IS NOT FAIR

  2. The author of the above article is too neutral in his article, here are some points that raise several questions of rights of students at this institute, In one meeting a DC member also admitted to what appears to be a breach of the Article 14-2 under the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan that these complaints were forced out of the victims while they did not want to complain. This committee is not transparent, all convicted were denied to defend themselves, and even if they allowed, all their evidences were turned down saying “khareedey huey” or in other words were not credible according to an accused, the last accused was given a period of 3 days rather than 7 which was the usual SOP for the all the other accused, The committee has on several occasions asked the accused of solid evidences while their own accusation were based on word of mouth. It is not clear that on what bases of evidences these accused were found guilty but what can be noticed here is that how were they so sure that the accusations were credible enough to engage the chain suspension of 4 students in a single case. It appears that the cases were extremely biased. It is heard that on one occasion the person who complained tried to take his case back and the DC replied that it was not his choice anymore, proceeding a case without an accusation is also against the law. On several occasions since the fall semester 2013 has started a DC/faculty member has repeatedly threatened his students with suspension penalties after the first suspension that shook the beliefs of some students on unfair decision. It appears that the laws of DC committee keep on evolving according to their own need and convenience which is remarkably unique. If the DC wants to be so lawful, why was it hibernating for the last several years, just because of personal reasons or it was never their call back then ? It also to be noted that if there were no relaxations to any of the convicts who belonged to management and sciences students, there should have been no relaxations to the accused in designing dept. at which point the DC committee places its own credibility at stake ? I feel sorry for all those accused who were suspended but were not guilty, I am ashamed to be part of the institution that squats its students like flies.

    *I give the right to the administrator to remove any content that may damage anyone’s privacy or respect, although no names were mentioned and I believe all information needs to be shared under freedom of information act IRP.

  3. note:rules and policies will be given to student during DC action and will be chaged according to the case, yes welcome to terrifying institute of pakistan :p

  4. According to me banning the ragging that was the good decision as your parents investing lacs rupees for your studies ….. why u want to enjoy the ragging which is already banned thing……???? Thousands of students taking admission in KU , and Iqra (I my self studied in Iqra uni but never ever seen this ragging part) …… you can’t make crime & fool your self by saying that i make this crime for good purpose…..

  5. Suspensions have been handed out before for instances of ragging. I do not really understand your viewpoint here, on one hand you say the crime was “indeed a bit severe” and then on you proceed to imply that they should have been let off because XYZ was let off as well. Also does a semester off really affect one’s career?

  6. Umm… yes it most certainly does. If the suspended students wish to do masters or mba from any reputable institute in the world or even in Pakistan, the suspension can deny them their admission. It actually comes as a surprise how one can think that suspension does not affect one’s career.

  7. Do you have any examples whatsoever? Some of my good friends were suspended while I was at TIP and even today all of them are doing great in their professional lives. People who wanted to go study are doing so locally and abroad. Do you have a similar example to put forward? As far as further education is concerned there are always means to circumvent issues and to be honest only a few select universities and institutions share information which might adversely affect one and fortunately/unfortunately (as per perspective) TIP is definitely one of those institutes which only shares information as per need basis (when requested). I am assuming you have yet to graduate and I can guarantee you this, all your problems that seem like the world to you at this moment would be nothing compared to the challenges of the non-institutionalized world.

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