TIP Tree-logy sequence

First, I’d like to sincerely thank all the people who contributed in the tree campaign, and must be expecting earnest results in return (in vain-hopefully not). However, more importantly I’d like to thank all those who promised to cooperate and contribute, and made big promises to help three honest freshmen achieve their genuine goals, but instead, deceptively backed off when the time came to help out. I hope their attempts at tarnishing some reputations through their dishonest attitude go futile. These people include some seniors, teachers and a particular high authority official who was supposed to help. Don’t worry, contributors, your money is safe. Usually we would ask for more cooperation after what all happened, but we realized that in TIP, people who promised to help us have actually screwed us over. So those who have given us given us money, please be patient. For those who have taken money from others in the name of the campaign, with the promise of giving it to us, thou shall burn in hell.

Most of you would know that by the end of the last semester, during the first plantation phase, over 50 baby trees were delivered to the TIP nursery under the knowledge and approval of Mr.Salahuddin after his constant assurances that, ‘Aap bas trees ley aayen, baqi hamara kaam hai!’, which we did. The places where the trees were supposed to be planted had been discussed and explained to him repeatedly, and it was expected that they would carry out the due plantation during the summer holidays. To date, according to Mr.Salahuddin only 20 trees have been planted.

I cannot say anything further till we meet the concerned people once again and raise this issue with them. I dread to think of the potential horrors that await for us all. Thankyou for your patience.


The Tree Campaigners

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  1. yup muffadal, they’re trees. The first thing we did was go check. We’ve been checking almost everyday since the semester’s begun. They’ve grown to a pretty good height in the three months that the campus was closed, in fact most are still in the nursery. If you have time, do go see them.
    overall, most people are right though… managing things IS much harder then it looks. Especially when people constantly give suggestions, and offer their help and then just add to the confusion. The trees were supposed to be brought in by us, and planted by the TIP management. We did our part, we’re hoping the management wakes up and actually starts watering the plants (which it hasnt, by the way), rather than waiting for the clouds to rain like it has been doing for the past 3 months. If you’ve contributed, i can understand your worry. But relax, we havent run off with your money, and don’t plan to. Yet.
    Just kidding.
    But once again, i’ve realised why Management is an actual proffession. please be patient, you guys…god knows we feel guilty enough.

  2. yaar atleast confirm to kar laina tha k kia honay wala hai un nani janoon ka watever happened main nahin kahta k tumhari ghaltihai par jab tak aap yahan doosroon ko force nahin karo gai aap ka kaam nahin ho ga 🙁

  3. Arsalan you have gone through this thats why you are saying this 🙂 I read a nick on msn which says “The night is alive, The world is asleep, Dreaming of promises, They can’t keep” So thought to share it in here 🙂

  4. no seriously, we spent 3 months of our vacations agonising over what we were going to do. Frankly, i have to hand it to Nargis who had managed to control most of this project as Furhan is on the verge of a nervous breakdown ALL THE TIME and I’m practically useless.
    Honestly people, arsalan’s right. the more people promise to help, the more likely they are to aggravate the problem.

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