TIP wins Elementary Date at IBA

Talha Ahmed & Adil Marvi (both TS2) did TIP proud at IBA’a Cross Roads, a theatre festivel organized for charity on Sunday, 14th March 2004. Professional theatre groups BhaiLoog and FUNtoos were amongst the participants along with performances by Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and IBA itself.

“It was really difficult for our novice but talented participants to survive with Elementary Date, (performed at TIP’s Hoola Talent Pandora as well),” noted a TIP student at the event “It was tough for the couple to face the fussy audience. But Adil and Talha with Aasim Ahmed’s live music put their best efforts and won the appreciation of audience and judges.”

The judges decided to establish a new category, the Best Concept Award, which was given to TIP.

10 Replies to “TIP wins Elementary Date at IBA”

  1. thanx… waqas 4 putting this up
    but u 4 got to mention urs and Hammads name in the participating team, u guyz were with us the whole time.
    and ofcourse Asim for ur valued services with the keyboard, i’ve heard illusions that ppl thought i didnt mention Asims name on the stage, but i did, perhaps it was not heard clearly.

  2. ADIL and TALHA u guys made us proud.
    The efforts of asim,waqas and hammad cannot be denied

  3. COngrats ! both of u MR . ADIL and TALHA . seems that TIP is having her golden days . keep it up .


  4. Abid…i think its high time u start SCREENING these comments…really, i m appalled by the use of words here..n i think u mentioned it before too..abt the screening..so plz start with it..badly needed here!

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  6. THeir genious mind led them to that success, as i also grade the “Elementary Date” as the best.

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