TIP wins IBA Inter-university Debate Competition

Sidrah Waseem (TD1) and Nida Aleem (TS4) have brought the trophy home from IBA’s yearly Inter-university Debate Competition 2004. TIP’s domination at the debate shined through the moment Sidrah and Nida stepped up on stage.

The other participating universities were Sir Syed, Greenwhich, and IBA. A boy from Sir Syed received first prize for his substantial argument opposing the topic, ‘A strong dictatorship is better than a weak democracy’. Sidrah received second prize for a brilliant pro-democracy argument that strongly appealed to the lofty ideals of freedom and the right to choose, the right to be democratic. Nida received third prize pro-dictatorship.

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  1. Ohh wow, congratulations Nida and Sidrah. So there are some debaters in this batch as well. That’s really good.

  2. That lady, Nida Aleem always had the spark when she went on stage..I have seen SIdrah talking once..she seems to be gud in english too..now the real thing about their achievement is..that they performed against the audience totall unknown to them and thaz the BIG thing..you can perform against people you know..but to perform in front of the listners that are totally new to u..Well done Sidra and hats off for Nida..

    Samreen had her own class and kashif ..well .. yuo know..kashif abbasi to akhir kashif abbasi hai… 😀 and the designin will agree to this point!! thaz for sure!!!!

  3. Well done!!!!!
    Great news from TIP…Wish everyone best of luck and I hope everyone follows the path set by these two,..
    Congrats,, again,…

  4. Congratulations to Nida and Sidra for such a great performance.
    We all need to realize one fact at this particular moment. Sidra first of all has a great fluency in English and secondly Nida is a quiet experienced debator. The thing which is missing in the entire scene is the TIP’s in house preparations before participating in any competition. I found this particular flaw in my first year when I and Samreen went to participate in a competition organized by British Council and English Speaking Union on the topic “Ecology and Economy”. Although we had entire two weeks available for preparations but they were not utilized. The only support was given by Abid who provided us with some very relevant data on the topic. I was actually made to alter my entire debate on the day of competition. The result was very clear we lost that competition as other institutions were really well supported by their faculty and students.
    We should form a realistic debate preparation committee for any further competitions.
    Thank You.
    Saad Ali

  5. Dear All,
    It is a matter of great honor for tipians, that Nida and Sidra have won prizes in the debate Competition on Inter University level. I Congratulate both the students, President Tip, Dean Tip, Mr. B.D.Saleem and the student body.

  6. Congrats to TIP on whole and BOth S & N in particualr, its a gud sign that a gul from 1st yr hav won a prize .. “so no worries tipians for next 3yrs !!!”…

  7. a long awaited “Good news” from TIP ….weldone gals…..and whole lots of congrats to Mr.B.D sb, u really deserve a “applause” well keep it up guys lots of …Buck ups…. for u all

  8. You made us proud, Nida-Sidrah. effort is something with which one can achieve many things, But constant effort is the key for continous sucess. you keep doing gud we will continue to proud, that you are TIPIAN.

  9. Usman , Nida and Sidrah, dono Gals hain guys nahi. I know you have “Khan” infront of yr name..magar iss ka matlab yeh nahi lalila nazar ata hai, majnoo nazar ati hai!

  10. come on guys, out of three universities our gils got 2nd & 3rd position. In ko tu 1st aur 2nd aana chaye tha. 3rd aa kar koon sa bara kaam kia hai. and i heard that the judge was one of the professsor of TIP.than also they got 3rd posotion. SHAME

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