TIP’s management in need of a Superman

The points left at 4 and I arrived at my point around 5:30 which I usually do, the only difference being…… the time wasn’t in PM but AM!

That is correct, the “efficient” management of TIP decided that the city wasn’t safe to travel at regular time on 27th March because of all the chaos hence the points should not move till the following morning, which would be a good time to sneak out when all the protestors are asleep.

The adults explained that it’s for the security of the students and everyone else that they do not leave the campus at 4PM and stay behind. Well it seemed fair and pretty logical and majority agreed to it… until they thought that they just go ahead and leave at 5PM anyways. People gathered and sat in the points and then the drivers started walking away again, the safety issue sprouting in their minds again. This exercise took place about 3 to 4 times. Finally, after a lot of debate and useless shouting, the management and the contractor mutually agreed on starting two buses which would go only till the city campus and whoever wanted to leave could only go in those two buses.


Why was this happening?…… NO one was being able to take a DECISION! With Dr. Zubair out of the country, the decision taking powers come down to Mr. Umair Saeed; someone on whom the ENTIRE management relies on for answers. And unfortunately, or fortunately, Mr. Umair Saeed was not in TIP on this particular day. EVERYONE witnessed how difficult it was to take a decision on an important matter and people started to wonder… Why is Mr. Umair always approached for all the issues? He is an Academic Coordinator after all. Should transport problems really be his domain? And its not like no other qualified or smart person was present at that moment. Teachers like Mr. Javed Mehmood and Mr. Mazhar Jamil were there as well. These are extremely learned personalities, why didn’t they take a decision? What I heard from the students was, “Lodhi Sahab ka decion hai, wo kuch kar hi nahee rahay.” No one wanted to take responsibility I assume. But one would still praise these teachers more than the rest, who seized the first opportunity and left the campus. These 2, along with some others, were there with the students and didn’t leave them. Respect them for that. However Mr. Mazhar was successful enough to convince his point driver and made ONLY his point leave somewhere between 8 and 9PM… now how did that happen.

The worst part is, a phone call had to be made to Mr. Umair Saeed to take his consent on what should be done. What do us students learn from this? That we should only study management courses to pass the course and not apply it in our practical lives? Why do we need to put extra pressure on Mr. Umair Saeed and bother him with all the university problems? He needs his space as well I suppose.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place. Due to the geographical location of our institute and the illiteracy of our nation, we have faced such problems before and I’m pretty sure we would be doing so in the future. TIP needs to assign certain duties to more than one person… it might just help in a smoother flow of things.

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  1. everybody being selfish instead of thinking about the whole university was something very disheartening to witness… Where is the use of “WE” instead of “ME” that is being taught to us??

  2. I would like to apologise to all the students for the confusion regarding the transport arrangements following the disturbance in Karachi on Tuesday. Unfortunately due to my absence together with Mr Umair Saeed not present at the campus and no Manager Administration, the situation became more chaotic. However, this is no excuse and as Asad Jafri in his article has rightly pointed out that considering TIP’s geographical location and uncertainty of the Karachi’s situation, we have to be better prepared for such eventualities. Please be rest assured that this will be on top of my agenda and a decisive policy will be developed on my return to campus next week. In the meantime, please continue to concentrate on your academic activities and ensure that all your classes are made up on Saturdays.

  3. Well done Asad Jafri, i am in total support of yours!
    And truly no one is ready to take the balli!!

  4. Good to see Quack active again. With Aasim and AO and next few admins gone its been on a slow death path. Ive been an old followr and this is the only way I can keep a track of whats happening at tip. Wd love to see more pictures.

  5. Hi Shoaib, the old editors are all still around supporting the current editor. We all believe that every respectable university should have a newspaper, and Quack is designed to make it easy for all interested parties to participate. Quack! Online is in the very capable hands of Asad. As for the level of activity, that depends a lot on the student body’s interest and contribution.

  6. Thank you for the encouragement Abid Bhai. An article on the level of enthusiasm and contribution of the student body towards this forum is under way. Stay tuned to Quack! Online :]

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