TIP’s Materminds Attack the Industry

The Textile Institute of Pakistan’s The people who C.A.R.E (Currently Are Really Envious) have issued a warning to all related industries to watch out for these miscreants, as they have a reputation for being most devious in nature. Informants have revealed that they have cells which can operate independently without active leadership – Khalifagiri.

Anyone who has their whereabouts please inform the class of TS4A Batch 2008, so necessary cheera’s can be deployed.

Please note that the above post is fictional, it’s characters are real and the circumstances in which they have been place is of a real nature as well, so if it’s real why do i have to add this disclaimer?! whatever, the point being this is a joke and if you don’t get it, don’t laugh! So put up your weak, and snide comments showing us exactly how inept you are in actually posting something here, that’s actually constructive and real and blah.. blah blah….

he he he….

I’m bored!

11 Replies to “TIP’s Materminds Attack the Industry”

  1. Dear Ali hakeem,
    pls add Mr saad mehmood TS4A batch of 2007, who is the real trainer and guardian of this task force. his idnetity must be revealed asap, as he has inducted his menance practices within industries and nearly reaching a master plan, which will for sure creat an identical identity for these kind of species in TIP.
    It is a plead rather than a request.
    Pls do the need full done asap!

  2. Your request has been verified, our agents are already in place and we might get our first look of the said perpetrator!

  3. As the guardian of the above mentioned task force I hereby announce that ” BHARTI JARI HAI” APPLICANTS WILL BE SERVED ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS …


  4. Big Eye, Big eye, we have been compromised! Repeat, we have been compromised!

    Operation Cheera has been Aborted!


  5. Cpt Butts reporting Live;

    Mr. Ali Hakeem has been abducted, Mulla saad Mehmood at large. i repeat, Mulla Saad Mehmood Atlarge.
    Pls protect your Goats and anuses!

  6. news alert!!!

    suicide attack @ x-presidents farm house ( ather’s den) this Saturday!!!

    all mujahidins (2007)wear ur jackets n go for it. a simple stairway to heaven!!!

    remember this saturday

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