3 Replies to “TIP’s print ad – Do we need to re think?”

  1. yes we do.. but no we wont because we are not the people who work smart, , we do the way everybody is doing, we want to do it in the easiest possible way, thats who we’ve become.. we are not the people who create, we are the people who copy and use the concept till it outdates! .. and then we copy again!!!
    abdul saboor bhai i liked what u pointed out but nothings going to change here because we have a good name now, we ,according to the boss, are competing iba !
    we are levels up in the hec rankings and we are the best!
    thats why we dont need to waste our time in releasing our weaknesses and proly we dont have any!

    its not like the old times anymore.. others go forward, we dont even want to look forward!

  2. The classified add becomes so fortunate for tip , another 36 people applied for TIP
    & in joys of contentment they enlarged fees immensly, now its b/w lacs
    Students are frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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