TISF 2008-09

Election Announcement

While some believe it was another yearly bout of dirty politics all over again, for me, despite being a person who stays away from public politics, observing TISF Elections ’08 was a tense experience. With heavy, rather colorful campaigning everywhere, lots of money wastage and seeing how (in)famous groups of fast friends around the campus broke into pieces of old China, it was difficult for people to stay away from the obvious hypocrisies the election pot was brewing.

Finally, it’s over. The results have been quite predictable. Peace did reign supreme, and the faculty seems happy. And best of all, reliable sources quote the voting and counting process to have been fair and transparent!

This is what the new TISF consists of:

Awab Ahmed – President
Saad Nasim – General Secretary
Altaf Abdul – Finance Secretary
Saad Ashraf – Activity Secretary
Anum Fatima – Campus Development Secretary

I congratulate them all for their success on behalf of the entire Quack! Online team and wish them a fruitful, honest and scandal free tenure. I also congratulate the previous TISF for ending a great tenure without any corruption accusitions. Good job, Haris Amin, Waqas Aman and Arsalan.

Returning to election talk, here’s what Quack! managed to gather from people about the elections. Their views:

A 3rd year designer particularly known for her vocal ways says,

“I HATE elections. Here’s why:

• One party always has to lose. And watching grown boys cry is very very disturbing.
• I do not like being emotionally blackmailed by my friends. Who I vote for has nothing to do with trust, friendship, and bachpan ka saath.
• Nothing beats the guilt of watching the guy you didn’t vote for thank you for your vote
• Guys thrown in the lake always smell bad in the point. No matter how hard they wash themselves.
• People take elections too seriously. It hurts to see the break-ups that happen between friends.
• Yaar, if you have this much money, donate it to a worthy cause: like bhooke design students.”

I love elections too. Here’s why:

• Once again, we bhooke design students get free treats (although haraam ki)
• The university becomes colourful, and noisy.
• It’s a step towards political enlightenment, no matter how dirty it turns out to be.

A freshmen expressed her fascination her first TISF elections ever by saying,

“They were so exciting. The competition was nailbiting and we were so anxious betting who’d win..lolx”

According to a bitter 4th year apparel student,

“…they were like previous ones. Politics…candidates fed the 4th year…candidates bribed and treated the 4th year specially…bribed .. stabbed people .. made promises and then took other people sides. The fun part was, for the CD seat…two fried competing against each other..that was the good thing”

One friend from 3rd year TMM said,

“Overall they went well..although they didn’t live up to the hype they initially created. The competition wasn’t as heavy compared to previous years. The results were pretty predictable, except for the president’s post, maybe!”

while another from the same class commented,

“We TIPians are all bikaaou!”

One more friend from 2nd year sciences applauded the process by saying,

“Elections were superb. I mean there is no comparison between this year’s and last elections. The joy, emotional involvement and the political atmosphere was superb. For the first time we have seen the involvement of all the four departments with such enthusiasm. The credit goes to the ruling TISF for allowing specific time for campaign, debates and student discussions.”

A textile designer from 3rd year said,

“..comparatively bad candidates during my 3 yrs at tip…but I’m glad Awab won.”

And lastly, for now, here’s what a faculty member had to say:

“All people want is a grand carnival, a couple of picnics and parties and perhaps an annual dinner with a concert of course. It’s all good. TIPians get what they ask for, what they deserve and expect. The students forum is a display of ambitions. It shows where the world for TIP students starts and end.” (ouch, no?)

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  1. My Dear,

    There were some faculty also involved in election campaign of different students.

    shame shame and shame

  2. phew!!!… thank God da elections r over! Seriously it was one hell of a time, dere was dis one person saying vote for dis dis dis on my right and one person saying vote for dis dis dis(opposite) on my left, at times i was so confused, but finally made by decision which im quite happy with!
    anyway, best of luck for da whole of tisf, i hope dat they do dere best and things work out for everyone!
    Best of Luck!

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