Well! It is nothing new to all of you ladies and gentlemen that how failure TISF has been in the past year to entertain students of TIP. Last year I attended four events done by TISF:

1) Freshmen Gala
2) Carnival
3) Fun festival
4) Concert

All of the events were to some extent unorganized, controversial, boring and dull. Let’s take an example of Freshman Gala, it was much unorganized, guitars were not working properly, sometimes voice was not coming out of the microphone. Same thing happened with Carnival, there were no harmony and no unity. It was like as if everybody was celebrating their own carnival. Then comes the fun festival but was it actually fun festival or valentine? The biggest controversial event of the year 2009 was concert. If I had any idea about the free tickets thing, I would have never even bothered to come. Such type of discrimination was practiced by TISF. They charged me and many other students Rs.100 but at the same time many students came in the concert for free because suddenly it was decided that those who bring their friend or relative would be granted a free entrance. Why? Were they so special? What about people who couldn’t bring anyone on such short notice. I deliberately avoided annual dinner because I knew who failure it would be. And guess what? I was right, my friends left the annual dinner immediately.Others complained about mosquitoes and mismanagement.

If a forum can’t entertain and practice fairly then what is the point of having elections or what is the point of having this forum in the first place. Why do they take such a huge budget and waste it without even thinking. Even today every single student says that not a single event was entertaining and enjoyable. TISF has a very huge budget and I seriously think that this budget is wasted on events nobody cares about. Let’s bring something new TISF! We elect you to entertain us not to bore us to death. In the end I would strongly recommend TISF to try something fresh and latest this time, if they cannot then I am afraid to say that do not waste so much amount of precious money, give to Sooch school, at least it would be beneficial to someone. Thank you.


  1. I second u on this shakaib .. when i joined TIP i attended such amazing events and right after my 1st yr .. every year i used to expect the same amazingg events but everytym used to get disappointed to a great level .. plzz give us sometHing worth remembering this Yr .. ::

  2. Just for the sake of argument cause I am feeling bored… can you quantify this “huge” amount that TISF receives? (This is just pointless a question but maybe we can arrive somewhere after a few random questions and answers)

  3. along those lines of being bored

    “Let’s bring something new TISF! We elect you to entertain us not to bore us to death”

    You just answered mohsin butts question in the other article 🙂

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