TISF is the Greatest

Seems like people in TIP have nothing else to do except criticize the TISF. Come
on guys, they did a tremendous job this semester. There were a million
things that they did. Let me name ten of them.

# A movie (hungama)
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Well, in a nutshell, TISF did absolutly nothing for us.

Every single Friday was given to the TISF so that they can plan an activity
or do something for the Tipians (for their entertainment, or otherwise), but they probably thought that one movie in these 17 Fridays that we had would provide enough entertainment for the tipians.

I never intented to raise this topic, but the nothing that the TISF did gave me
something to write on.

I congratulate the TISF and hope that they keep up their performance. And
entertain the Tipians as much as they did in the previous semester.

Disclaimer: The original author remains anonymous.

10 Replies to “TISF is the Greatest”

  1. 1. Hangama
    2. Football Tournament
    3. TIP Talent music night till 2:00 a.m
    4. Carnival
    5. Inter University Debate
    6. 2 times movies played at night
    7. Badminton and Table Tennis tounaments
    8. Quack
    9. # of fridays ppl spent in preparing for Carnival
    10.Started thinking that we must getup from this sleep

  2. well saboor, lets talk abt the things that u mentioned:

    football tournament(hammad from ts2 did most of the work)
    debate competition(sir b.d was there)
    table tennis(i had a match but i wus never called)
    quack(seems like abid does all the work)
    carnival(the whole tip should be given credit as it was a joint effort)
    but neway…

  3. Yes, the TISF is not there to do much of the actual work themselves. They’re there as your elected representatives to make sure that the work you choose to do happen smoothly and within TIP norms. They do things like raising and managing funding for the events you mention.

    At sports tournaments it is the sports secretary (Arafat Tahir) who is supposed to either enthuse interested people to organise, or encourage people (like me) who go ahead and do stuff anyway. And when they get people to do what needs to be done, they then help them with the basics of equipment and funding.

    Take the Freshmen Carnival as a prime example. The purpose of the event has always been to let the freshmen do everything themselves. The freshmen raise money themselves, put in their own money even, and almost completely fund everything, as well as do everything. And the TISF? They do nothing. But ask Sana, ___ and ___ (all TMM2), the TISF representatives for the Carnival, what hell they had to go through to ensure the Carnival happened in the first place, and happened successfully.

    But its not that they just sit back and relax. [more to come on this later]

  4. yaar saboor..i think u must remember mr shakeel’s advice…”agar baatein _____ say kaam hotay tau aaj tip ____ say bhara hota”…remember…lekin yaar tum tau baatein bhi nahi ____…

  5. WoW, nice to see such an article which consists of real facts and truths. I agree with you Abid. We juz wasted our votes by supporting these kinda guys who worked but only for hostel or for thier own benefits. So new comers! Be careful this time … think a hundred times before making a decision else you will have to suffer like we did.

  6. ok well done bravo! for carnival. ok we got it
    but what else .talking about two movies . one movie started after carnival,at about 3 am.some of the people enjoyed that film with the so called bhoots of the designing departments.now first movie was rhtdm which is a century old flop.hey saboor u wake up. there was no table tennis tournament for your information,but acc. to yuor list there was a tournamennt but no there was not. which shows your commitment in your job. and u have mentioned inter uni debate ,yaar LPC TO THE DEBATE what benifit it gave us .

  7. hey saboor,
    i m just tryin to be fair and honest…
    the concert of haroon was a hell lotta fun and i congratulate the tisf fer puttin up such a gr8 event…
    thumbs up!

  8. Mr. ***** its not Shakel Ahmad’s advise and it isnt like that even..it goes like “Agar batain kerne se bachay peda hotay to shakel sb ka apna planet hota” words said by Late Malik Amjad from the batch of 2003 in a video drama presented by the then “CRIMINAL MINDS” at the talent show!

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