TISF President-elect Shehryar Aslam Khan

A happy Shehryar

TISF President: Shehryar Aslam Khan

General Secretary: Hilal Afridi

Finance Secretary: Usman Whala

Sports Secretary: Hammad Siddique

Publications Secretary: Adil Marvi

Social Secretary: Ahesha

12 Replies to “TISF President-elect Shehryar Aslam Khan”

  1. Xcuse me ABID . NOT TISF President elects SHEHRYAR
    ASLAM KHAN . infact we elect him on the post ok . and the rest are also elected by the whole TIP .

  2. Arfat, Faraz and Bari hold your pants.
    I will come to tip and will personally kick your asses. duals (Arfat and Faraz) i will teach you politics. and you know who i am.
    Abid do not delete my msg.
    Sherry i have heared you have links in APTAMA and you can arrange jobs, kindly arrange jobs for me.
    Wel done afradi, Adil and Aisha. i personally congratulate on your efforts.
    Again faraz tum ko tumara cousin bhi nahain bacha saka samjhay chikna.

  3. Daddy you right i have also heared complains, about the two.
    they should be taught a lessons specially Arfat.
    take care

  4. kash daddy kuch kar sakh ta…………………..
    jo rahte hoye kuch na kar sakka woo baad main kia kare ga………….

    salam 2 all _ ………

  5. Salman Mani bohot bol raha hay. Zara bacha apna pamper ka size batana. mujhay yad to ara hay ka shahid tum ko mana zada bara pana diya tah.
    Kher if you are that brave just tel me your name. we will come and meet you.

  6. Well, It seems like some people have made a blunder by supporting Hilal Afridi, but soon they will realize it when the new batch will come and the GS will have to give a speech on account of TISF, a guy who can not speak Urdu properly, he will give a speech in English , juz thinkkkkkkkkkk … what will be the FIRST impression of TIP ob those new comers? but we are really happy to see the names of Sheryar Aslam Khan, Hammad Siddiqui and Adil MArvi. They are the people who can really work for TIP n TIPIANS.

  7. Well the masala Guy, let me tell you that i had the same misconception when i first met with hilal. (he used to go in my point then). Hilal has a pushto accent. he speaks urdu “grammatically” correct and i was amazed to see that his spoken english grammar was far more impressive than most of the other TIP students, reason being, Hilal has passed almost 6 months playing cricket in the english county circuit and that has helped him alot.

    and for being a member of TISF you dont need to speak well or show off or sumfin. you shud have the gutts to work for the post students have elected you. If hilal lacks that, then people no doubt had made a BIG mistake. It will guaged the nest semester.

    Language, accent, physical disability should not stand in between chosing a TISF member. The same point was risen by Maryam binte aftab last yr in the TISF election speeches for Hamza, the previous finance secretary cuz of his fumbling and it was nice she was stopped then at the very stage from raising this question!

    Hamza won and had the last laugh!

  8. Every candidate who won the elections deserved the posts and on the other way those who were unsuccessful were just because of the inly reason that they haven’t worked.Those who did some thing for the studenst, for the TISF have won so its politics.

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