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It has been quite a while since I last logged onto Quackonline. It is actually very nice to see that the forum is alive and churning out articles on a regular basis. This is the only way for most of the alumni to keep in touch and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the writers on here for keeping this platform alive.

I really did not know what to write about, it is just my attempt to try and break free from my chronic procrastination (yes it is a medical condition) and hence the title. As I sit here, casually leaching off my friends WIFI network and writing an article; which essentially would be a random collection of thoughts having zero cohesion and potentially an abrupt ending (I forgot what I was thinking at this point).

Moving on… I just finished reading the article that was last posted on the website with the title “TIP’s management in need of a Superman”. As I browsed through the comments I saw something that is a regular occurrence on all things management and administration, people just going on about how they were disappointed with the management and what not.

Yes! people shun responsibility, but what would you have done if you were in their place? Elaborate on what you think was the problem and follow it up with a suggestion as to what would you have done if you had a chance to do things your way.  If you want the management to listen to you, then start acting like responsible adults. Start posting relevant solutions to problems that they encounter or have encountered in the past. It is essentially the failure to give a relevant, timely and constructive feedback that our opinions are not valued.

Now I am not aware as to what exactly transpired that day or what were the conditions of the city however I would have personally followed the same order of things (minus the one point leaving later that day).

Holding the points and thus the students back was possibly the safest option and therefore in my eyes the best option, safety should be the priority. Would I have called Mr. Umair Saeed to get his opinion and eventually make a decision? I would most certainly have, in the event something unfortunate happens, the institute would most probably be liable. Not an individual but the institute as an entity (as per my understanding of the law). Is any lecturer the authority to represent the institute in such an incident? (Probably not, again this is my assumption) however the same case does not apply for Mr. Umair Saeed and thus his consent was of vital importance (or Mr. Zubair Bandukda).

People who could have not borne this discomfort of staying back could have easily arranged for an alternative mode of transport. Clearly the event was an unforeseen circumstance and thus if an individual or a group of individuals have an issue then I believe they should and could have made arrangements for themselves rather than expecting the management to cater to their special needs.

The above is what I believe would have been my course of action if involved in the same or a similar situation. People may agree or disagree with my viewpoint but this is my opinion and they are more than welcome to share theirs.

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  1. Just to clear out any ambiguity, the voice I raised was not against the decision made but against the decision MAKING procedure. I’m probably not as capable of visualizing scenarios as the people in the management, but had I been in charge, I would have made the similar decision of holding everyone back.

    The issue was, the person in charge was not making a decision. People were made to sit in their points and get out of them again n again because of the indecisiveness. I know it was a difficult call to make but eventually, they did decide on staying back. If this was his initial decision, why wasn’t this made earlier?

    To point out one more thing, the situation started to worsen in the city around 9:30 to 10AM… much much before the points depart, which is at 4PM. I’m sure the management could have spared some time from their “busy” schedules to ponder over this matter

  2. And the reason I pointed towards the teachers was since the management was not being able to make a decision, I thought that the faculty might have stepped in. But unfortunately, I learnt later on that the faculty are not giving that much freedom to intervene in such crucial stages. So they are not to be blamed for anything

  3. I actually wanted to put in a note at the end that this article was not directed towards the author of the other article but I am actually glad I did not… reason being I actually wanted to get the ball rolling. It is nice that you had a prompt reply clarifying the issue a bit more.

  4. Asad, I don’t think Saad is writing about your article but rather the comments on it.

    Note that he writes –
    “As I browsed through the comments I saw something that is a regular occurrence…”

    Good to see you around Saad! Are you on the alumni mailing list?

  5. Good to see you too mate… I used to be on the mailing list and then I unsubscribed because of the excessive mails.

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