To Freshies #Freshmen Night’14

Let us begin. This semester the crowd was really down, nothing was happening, the tempo was miserable and just Yawn.

Bang! The freshmen Gala and Sportfest awakened all. Starting with commending the TISF and Sportex who did a really good job in organizing it all. Nothing was left to be desired. The auditorium was lit with disco lights, the basketball court with great lightening and audio system, hostel accommodations and food was given.










However, it was the crowd that upped it all. It was crazy. No event in TIP goes without the audience going gaga. As the juniors came to perform the crowd razed havoc. The audience deafened the noise of the performers. There was no point where the entertainers performed without hurdle.

But some performances were really awesome. Dill loot liya! Rana Bhai’s dance, Senior’s Parody, Sibbghat’s singing. Really good.  And those who won awards: Congratulations!!

Now come to the Sportfest. This part of the event was really informal. There was no greed for the trophy and no ultimate reason to play. Everyone was in the groove.

Boys went on and played Basketball, Futsal, Tug of war and cricket. Now we girls, broke the rope of Tug of war. The rope had nothing on us. Some played throwball and others just swayed along the music being played at the background.

There was no point in the night where one was bored and no one complained. All in All it was a job well done. The night was a perfect way to welcome the Freshies into the TIP culture.

The night went on and in till 2. It ended with a dance party and fireworks. Moreover, thanks to the Texperts who came in.