Tour de` hostel

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Its 7:00 in the morning. The sun is sodsc00549.JPG wonderful that anyone can predict of having a great day. Everyone in hostel is preparing to run off. Where? Destination is unknown. We were just told by hostel representatives to be ready for an enlightened and extended drive.

Just after a quick breakfast and having loaded with ourdsc00436.JPG drinks and Korma for lunch we finally departed. It was almost shocking for few of us to ride a coaster without a cassette player. Do you believe that? In this severe circumstance the cell phones were of great help and best utilized.

Time there and left for `hala`.We reached `bhit shah` in three hours with only one tea break at hand. This is a tomb of great and most famous Sindhi poet and Sufi Shah Abduldsc00470.JPG Latif Bhitai. We spent some another historical and Spiritual town of Sindh. This town is also famous through the subcontinent in Art, Pottery, wood works, Cloth printing, Woven cloth in various beautiful designs. We did some shopping and admired the market.

Had our lunch at road side café because we would have died On our way back to Kheenjher Lake also known as Kalridsc00566.JPG the next movement. The moment we reached at lake we were completely exhausted. However we were received by a downpour and now i can see a fressness on evrybody’s face. The whether became so pleasant that we were lost. It was followed by boating, still raining.

The sun was about to set when we reached Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta. The mosque contains the most elaborate display of tile-work with a mosaic of radiating blue and white tiles and stylish floral patterns. It has been listed in world heritage and is famous for its remarkable echo, which enables the prayers to be heard in any part of the building.

Since, we were getting late so we dropped the idea of visitingdsc00505.JPG Makli graves and Bhambhor. We reached back around 8:00. Despite the fact we were fully packed in a coaster, it was indeed a journey to remember and all the fun we had in coaster.To conclude I must borrow these words “A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles”

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  1. oh… so you guys go on feild trips too…?
    well…. been there done that……:)
    btw… ive been to makli too … and its got pretty nice stuff there too

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