Trade Chiefs To Set Up Textile Cities

Trade and industry chiefs in Pakistan will establish three “textile cities” over the next 18 months as the country gears up for the remove of textile and apparel quotas in early 2005.

Officials will set up the series of textile-focused infrastructure in Karachi, Lahore and Faislabad from the end of next year following an in-depth feasibility study.

The new cities will mainly concentrate on the dyeing, processing and finishing sectors and will create thousands of new jobs at firms who will be able to take advantage of beneficial trade terms.

Pakistan generated textile exports of $7.17 billion last year with trade chiefs hoping that figure will grow to $10.12bn by 2005.


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  1. ***** well the great step taken by the govt to setup the textile cities taht wonderful really people will now do get the best cloth and textile stuff which if a person wants to buy just the price hinderance makes him stop so to get the best textile cloth thats a better and an advanced step.********

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