Today we all witnessed something new, for the first time ever (for most of the students) students of TIP stood up for something. Almost everyone showed up in the parking and recorded their protest against an unjustifiable increase in transport fee.Picture 074

Good news for students:

A meeting with president will be scheduled as soon as he get back to TIP, and what I could say is let’s hope we don’t have to be on the road again…Picture 079

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  1. Its good thing that the students are now coming forward, I would suggest the TIP managing body to consider this fact that although the prices have increased of diesel and other energy sources but there are alternatives that can be looked for rather than just increasing the price so rapidly…….

    one of the idea that i have in mind and that can be implemented easily is to bring in CNG buses as a mode of transportation to TIP rather then diesel buses. There are a huge number of CNG buses that have been bought by the government and are to be used. If TIP managing committee can talk to the City Government to provide TIP those buses on contract they would be in better usage rather then staying on port or in parking areas where they might not find any usage and even if the CNG buses aren’t available then TIP must consider towards the unjust price raise of almost 40 % increment in transportation fee from the last increment and 56 % increment for the 2010 batch students specifically. We say that TIP gets so less number of students each year as an intake and then if we do not consider towards alternative measures rather then raising the fees then why would some one come to TIP. Let me bring this to your notice as well that TIP is the most expensive university at the current fees qouted even LUMS charges a total of 1.6 Lacs for its two quarters which are almost around 6 – 7 months of time excluding the vacations while on the other hand TIP will be charging 1.72 lacs for almost 6-7 months of time frame when it remains open.

    Apart from this from my 1st year in 2006, I have always seen such a huge amount being taken on the name of I.D card of student each year in each semester a sum of almost 1000 rs previously and now 2000 rs. From 1st years we only recived 2 id cards that were for the 2006 and 2007 year respectively. For 2008 none of the student recived any ID Cards and for 2009 they have been recived by most. There are other universities as well which make ID cards but they never charge such a large amount on such act. It hardly costs around 200 rs per ID card at max but for all these years none of us have ever been provided with explanation as to where 2000 rs are being spent. Apart from this a medical insurance fee is charged from each student, Let me bring this to the knowledge that for every insurance policy to be taken there needs to be an agreement signed by the person who is being insured, in all these 4 years almost at TIP i haven’t ever found any kind of insurance document that was presented to me or to my colleagues to be signed and presented. In previous times there used to be a policy for those who couldn’t pay there fees in lumsum to pay it in 3 installments within the semester even that is now being charged with an extra fee of 1500 rs for which the explanation given is we require lumsum amounts to get interest on the amount, so is it the way to charge a person who cannot pay it easily with more dues and take the amount of interest from him. Rules are made in every university and every place of earth for people to feel more comfortable, for them rather then they are being forced upon them. I request the TIP management and finance department to consider these issues and address them clearly to all students.

    And i humbly request them to start considering these serious issues of students because these small issues then once left unresolved can be a source of bigger issues.

    A depressed Textile Student

  2. this is injustice with us and we have to show our strength with unity. we have to form one student body and stand against them and this can be happened only when we will make a chain and help and support each other and should have a happy conclusion to it………….

  3. location change ho na ho .. its name would be changed soon ..

    US cadet college for textiles (gharo campus) 😛

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