Unhygienic Food Caused Diarrhea, Vomiting, Dehydration

Did you know what orkut has a Textile Institute of Pakistan community with over 200 members (thats about a couple hunderd more than Quack!). And its quite an active community with many Texperts and faculty members connected. Here’s a sample conversation:

Murtaza Ali Hasan Shaikh on 11/27/2004 10:15 PM

Will somebody tell me, how long will it take for our cafeteria people to stop serving unhygienic food. Whoever ate those kabab-parathas last Thursday (25th November) suffered from diarrhea, vomiting and moderate dehydration. This is something which has to be stopped. I strictly condemn this serving of unhygienic food to the students.

Will the cafeteria in-charge look into the matter? It is my request to the cafeteria in-charge and the responsible authorities to please assure that the food served to the students is hygienic and the oil used in the cafeteria kitchen is not carcinogenic, and that it is replaced with regular intervals.

I hope, actions would be taken against this extreme act of irresponsibility from the cafeteria staff. Lastly, I again condemn what happened last Thursday and hope this will not happen again in future.

Mubeenon on 11/28/2004 7:49 AM

thats the fact what you have told … but noone is there to help us … tell us wht should we do … my advice is just boycout from cafeteria … get ur food from ur homes and get some for the hostelits …. cuz they are there who are suffering the most …

and i guess sab mil kar cafteria incharge ki mar do … bari bari … lush wali …

Rohailon on 11/28/2004 9:34 AM

yar Mubeen meray liye bhi lena yarr.. meray haan subah subah koi nahe utha hota..

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  1. Man the Picnin was awesome…Well done rotract..the credit goes to ALI,AZIZ,DANISH,ADEEL,TENHIYAT,MARIYAM,SIDRA,UMAIR,ZEESHAN..(sorry if i missed someone).
    Noman Bhatti..Do something man

  2. Too good!! toooo good meray saath bhi hua tha is liye main khata hi nahin hoon. Well let me tell u a thing they cook really really silly type of food or hum majboooooooor hain.. KArein to kia karein?

  3. yaara hum ko kya maloom tha kay tumhara itna haat jayee gee… chaloo koi baat nahi afridi itna acha doost hai aur baradari ki itnee parwa hai kay baradari nahi tu maa hi sahi…. afridi tumhara bhai aanay wala hai kyoon kay main nay pehna nahi tha

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