Wake Up Girls.

Ever since I’ve been in TIP, I have seen that there is not much activities for girls. I don’t know why that is so. There is football tournament for boys but there is none for girls. There are badminton tournaments, cricket matches, and more for boys, but nothing for girls. Wake up girls, do something about it! Do participate in the few activities we have. Actually having not many activities is the fault of the girls themselves. They are least interested in the activities. They don’t come up with anything on their own. Well let me tell you that university is not only the place for studies – thori tafree bhi karo yaar.

Wese I asked Mr. Arafat Tahir to arrange a badminton tournament for girls, but being a Sports Secretary he is very busy in boy’s activities and couldn’t do that thing for us after all he is a boy himself. Girls, it’s time to take charge.

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  1. well Sana…nice 2 hear from u…i mean from any girl ;)…anyz…ur point is quite valid…now we people are almost free from all sport tournaments & stuff…& even tht batmintion tournament is taking last breaths..so after 1st hourlies you are most wllcome for any sports activities…as u r saying that Arfat is really busy now days…so jst catch Hammad Hassan(ts2A), who is very active now days for arranging different sports activites…& i thng even he was quite eager to arrange any sports activities for gils….

  2. definitely!…there must be some stuff for girls even,and why not?… well who would not wish to watch girls in action, jumping and running around with the football and …badminton and ofcoarse in cricket…..believe me,boyz would really really appreciate it..lolz…wake up girls!!!!

  3. Girls play sports too, you know. Teazer, your comments here are belittling the girls. It sickens me to hear fellow students thinking this way. I suggest you apologize for your remarks…

    Waqas, I don’t think the girls need any Hammad Hassan to help them. They can take charge themselves.

  4. Abid…dnt b so hasty…i thng u dnt read the whole article…wch was abt complaning..& if u thnik that girls can take charge themselves…so they can…most welcome….thn why they are complaning 4 tht…& by the way i m jst telling abt the alternate guy…not of any crap…

  5. It would have been nice if the request was done by some male student because my personal experience at TIP tells me..although the gals are talented and full of potential..they need encouragement from guys to enter the erena..most of the time they are afraid of the guys that mainly find personal fun in making fun of gals no matter how better their performance is as compared to male counter parts…Humaree eastern larkiyon main fear hai..ek sharam hai or woh sirf supporting males he nikal saktay hain..so guys buck up your gals!

  6. sana i m sorry to say that mr arafat tahir said to you for badminton tour.. you contact to mr salman hussain b/c he is organizer of that tournament…..ok….
    insaalah tournament will be held after hourly..
    so dont worry about it……..

  7. well well well ……….sana …..girls really wanted to be waked up…..see there isnt any female visitor of QUACK…….ur an exceptional case…….so when they r soo sluggish that they cannot even switch on their Pc’s and be updated by their weekly magzine…how can they come forward to faCe the enjoyments of SPORTS……they cant ….I BET….

  8. Ali, good of you to put up a challange for the girls… lets see if they actually do anything for the upcoming Girls’ Badminton Tournament.

    But don’t be fooled, Sana isn’t the only Quack! Online visitor and writer. Of the 21 authors we have signed up so far, 7 are girls, and all are cool, just like Sana.

    And now a challenge for you: We all really appreciate you actually reading the articles and commenting on them, but when are you going to write your first article for Quack!?

  9. well abid i hv already asked u to register me for the online quack……so as soon as i get the registration i`ll be happy to write …..and i know there are plenty of kewl gals in the uni u don`t need to tell me that pal 🙂 …..thanx for the support buddy….u guys and gals have a great thing going on ere would be nice to be part of it

  10. hmmmmmmmm………. well those of u who thinks tht gals r sluggish and boring etc etc and they don’t even get time to visit quack r absolutely wrong girls do visit quack but they don’t give their comments so now u ppl really need to change ur opinion .and i agree with sana that some activity should be arranged for girls.

  11. AbidO!!!for writing an article on this very web page i think a registration process is required …n u shud have a login….which is not provided to me …so if u manage to get some of time from ur precious bz routine to make my login it would help me to beGin!and ali raza bhaii actually i was refered to abid’s comment ….soory for misunderstandings…..as there are too many ALIZ in TIp now……..regards

  12. girls plays impotant role in our society .in pakistan there are a very much bad behaviours with girls especially our boys are very bad behaviour. i wants say my friend plz donot create problems in girls life .thankx

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